View Full Version : Dredg -- Austin, TX -- May 27th, 2011

05-28-2011, 10:17 AM
I thought I'd post this setlist for the few dredg fans on this site. I'll throw it in General Chat so I don't ruffle any feathers.

Venue: Emo's

When I got to the club The Deer Hunters were setting up. I enjoyed their sound; sort of a Mars Volta feel to their music. This was my 6th time seeing Dredg I believe, but only the second time I've seen them headline. They sounded amazing. Dino is insane on the drums. The new songs sound great live. The only downside was I was looking forward to hearing the Tent live, but they didn't play it (next time hopefully). They did end with Down to the Cellar which I think is a really great way to finish up a set. Setlist as follows:

Another Tribe
Upon Returning
Not that Simple
Bug Eyes
Whoa Is Me
Movement V: 90 Hour Sleep
Planting Seeds
Down Without a Fight
Of the Room
The Thought of Losing You
Hungover on a Tuesday
The Canyon Behind Her
Down to the Cellar

05-28-2011, 12:36 PM
Makes me sad that you have to post it in this section.

But regardless, I see they are doing something I never thought I'd see, sticking to just one setlist for a tour. It's cool and everything, just never expected it. It's too bad they haven't been ti Minnesota lately for a headline tour. I hear they are going on tour with Fair To Midland this summer, I hope it hits here.