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04-21-2011, 10:42 PM
Pretty tired and physically wrecked so I'm not going to full review for now, but basically this was the first and last awesome show in Monterey. Security were total cocks, one of the first bands had a "stripper" (NO nudity) and they were mad about that, moshing upset them, they apparently violently threw fans out down the stairs outside, someone crashed into the big wall mirror and shattered it, cops showed up after, Jello couldn't play everything, arrests were made. Shit was intense, but one of the best shows ive ever been too. Plus I got to sing right into the mic like half the time and was front and center with the few exceptions of getting jumped on and kicked in the face every now and then. In an odd way I think it's kinda cool that it ended like a classic punk show should, even though we got stiffed a few regular hits. I don't know or really care about the second band 45 Grave, but the bassist gave me the setlist, so it was:

Violent World (reading this just now, what? NOT the misfits song, but they totally looked horror punk so thats odd)
Bad Love
45 Grave
Dream Hits
Highway 666
Night of the Demon
Surf Bat
Party Time
Black Cross

JBGSM: (got this setlist too, last song was improvised after they were told to stop and people would not accept it)
The Terror of Tiny Town
Clean as a Thistle
New Feudalism
Electronic Plantation
Panic Land
Let's Lynch the Landlord
John Dillinger
Strength Through Shopping
3 Strikes
Too Drunk to Fuck
Dot Com Monte Carlo
Pets Eat Their Masters
[setlist end]
Holiday In Cambodia (not listed but rushed)
--(5 min yelling)--
The Cells That Will Not Die (not listed)

UPDATE: Apparently since I have left, one of the fans was hit by a car extremely badly in front of the venue and is going to the hospital.

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Holy shit, that sounds like a fucking experience :rocker: