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This is the show ive been waiting for. ANAL FUCKIN' CUNT at the Blvd! And To make stuff 69 Times better Wormrot played here(again since they loved it here so much and wanted to do one last show before they went home) in the afternoon for $5 with amazing opening bands. Sadly there ain't a flyer so ill add it to this show since it was at the same place/day. Think of it as a sick Grind fest(I sure do). And since I went to to Wormrot,i got to see AxCx half off. $6! Fuhhhh this show ruled.

First band was playing and they were a good Grind band. I was into them and so was the little bit of people that were there so far. Pretty good. a great way to open the show up. No idea who they were but pretty good.

Up next was one of my favorite local bands got up. BruceXCampbell(badass name i know). They started playing and the crowed seem to dig em. They use to be a 3 piece. They lost the Pig Squealer/bass player. Now they have a hot chick as a bass player,I think she was in a punk band called Joe Pesci. They also got a 2nd guitar player who played in the first band and is a former drummer of Suffering Luna. They really need to find another squealer . They were fuckin amazing when it was duel vocals. It hit ya like a boomstick. You must pick there album We Are All Kamikaze ASAP! Chances are you'll find it as S-Mart.

Now the band I was looking forward to seeing for a 2nd time was my favorite local band. And probably my favorite Grindviolence band in general ACxDC or Anti Christ Demon-Core. These guys kick so much ass. First time I saw em they blew me away. Singer Sergio goes totally nuts and jumps around with the fans. These guys are loved worldwide but still aren't big enough for a full tour. This is band is gonna get places for sure. I was begging people to get these guys on the Anal Cunt bill,didn't work but at least they got on Wormrots. They played for like 6 min. Download ACxDC's discography now!
Turtle Power
Fuck It Dood
Dumb and Dumbshit
New Song/Breakdown
We Kill Christians

So LA got its third chance to see Wormrot of Singapore. I told you last month at Scion Fest how fuckin' much I loved them and how nice they were. Well since then they've released their second album Dirge for free download. Thats how nice they are. When I went to go tell them to kick ass today and how much I loved em at scion fest,they right away said how they remembered me. Now the tour was supposed to be finished. But since they really loved this place they decided to do their last show here for cheap(also shot their first music video here). They played right away and they were great as always. The audience(mainly young adults) were being lame. The pit went crazy and hard but you couldn't tell who was just having fun or actually trying to fight. Big macho guys choking each other getting butt hurt cause they accidentally got kicked in the head. Whether your a macho man or a wimpy shrimp like me,you have to know what your getting your self into at these shows. So that kinda pissed me off. The band kept playing and I kept screamin'. During the set I got a bloody nose,Punched in the jaw,kicked in the head,got my glasses bent,and someone even managed to pop one of my pimples. They were sick as fuck. At the end I hugged em and tried to get a setlists. No luck,they apologized cause I didnt get one. Thats how fuckin nice they are. I told the drummer that Dirge is the album of the year. Big Smile lit up on him. They also told they will be back next year,you better go! Wormrot loves America,Wormrot we fuckin love you.

So after they kicked us out. Luckily the place had a change of heart and let everyone there who was gonna come back for Anal Cunt get half off. Me and my girlfriend to McDonald's so we can eat,pee,and poop. We walked back and they let us in. We waited a bit. Most people who went for Wormrot had left and here come the old timers. Believe it or not,the people this time were nicer and more civilized. So first DeathGrind local band plays. They're called Cotex Nektur. Name doesn't catch my attention but I check em out anyway. Lead singer looked like Phil Anselmo. Everyone was young and bold and they played reallly good DeathGrind. Think Death mixed with Repulsion. Singer ended up being in every other bands pit. And like all good local bands should be,they gave thier demo out for free. It has like 9 songs.

Next up was a Tech DeathGrind band called Bedlam Of Cacaphony. Hehe caca...anyway they were cool. People really seemed to dig em. They have a little reputation already playing with Cattle Decapitation and others. I dig em. A-OK guys.

Now The Touring bands started. By this time I was pooped and I wanted my dose of AC already. These guys went up and I noticed it was the same singer and bass player from Panties. And the guitar player was also the bartender there. They said they haven't played in a year and a lot of people were excited for them. They played pretty good Grind and the singer still reminds me of Ice Cube. They were good but id rather listen to Panties. Still a great band tho and Id recommend anyone to check em out. Plus any band that sells shirts for $5 is cool is my book. Ill be seeing them again in June with Doom(which I hear people are complaining about).

Maryland's Strong Intention was next. Vegantopher told me they were good and I agree. Grindviolence done by an old man is great. Half the place seemed to love em. I wanna tell you more but I was just headbanging. Check em out. And I always find it strange when I see an old man play Grindcore. Guy took his shirt off and screamed for his coffe.

Up next was super group Murder Construct. A band thats been in the works for many years but barly started playing. How super are they? They have memebers of Cattle Decapitation,Exhumed,Phobia,D.I.S.,Fetus Eaters,Bastard Noise,Bad Acid Trip. Now ya know we got some real good DeathGrind. The place went to a pit and I had trouble seeing. They only have a EP out and you should get it if your into all their badass bands. Hopefully ill be seeing them again.

Now to the part that matters. All day I was nervous and excited of seeing AxCx. Like a roller coaster,its gonna be fun but all hell can brake loose. I finally got to get an official real shirt. Most of them were based on their new parody Glam album Fuckin' A. I got one with the logo and around it it said :Junkie,Raciest,Alcoholic,Asshole,Troublemaker,Roc kstar. Plus it had some silhouettes of hot chicks in random places. Back had a censored version of the new infamous picture of singer,legend,role model Seth Putnam and tour dates.

I got my girlfriend a tank top that said the band name all cute. Back said: Groupie,Slut,Junkie,Scum. We sat and Vegantopher texted me "He's here!". Right away I go back and I see the king himself. We made quick eye contact and I got nervous. I had asked the merch guy if he was gonna punch me or anything. He said nah that hes the coolest guy ever. Right when we're about to ask for a picture he stood up and almost fell. He grabs on to Vegan's shoulder hard. He's fucked up on some hxc shit right about now. He later goes back and has all these random sluts kissing his ass. We finally ask him for a pic and he says yes. I never smiled so big in my life. I ask about a Siege reunion. He said "I Doubt it maaaaaaaaaan!". He kept lifting up his shiny glittery pants to show off his tattoos. The band was setting up.

Seth marched in the room(with help of coarse) with a shitload of the fans to the stage. He got on and people were yelling and screaming for him and he left. 5 min later he comes back and his friend has a chair. He was too fucked up so he had to sing on the chair like he did when he first got out of his coma. He started singing and the place went nuts. Girls began to hug him tightly and try to sing along. We all started screaming the offensive lyrics a long to to him,"Niggers!,Rape!,Haha!" He was still in charge on stage in his throne. Girls were all over the place. As well as us guys. Some random drunk girl who seemed younger than me was asked by the guitar player to flash us. She did. Her dumbass kept being on stage and the guitar player would randomly grab her and kiss her. She was all fucked up. The thing I loved most about this was they didn't have a setlist. They played whatever they wanted and what we wanted.They finished,then they decided to do a Manowar cover. They asked the sound guy for another song but they wouldn't give it to them. They did it anyway with 311 Sucks. Surprisingly they did play the full hour(or around there). Most people were betting 20 min max. Seth stood for that and people still surrounded him like the badass he is.

Set list included:
Body By Auschwitz
Haha Holocaust
You're A Cop
Beating Up Niggers That Sell Fake Crack
I Lit Your Baby On Fire
Pepe,The Gay Waiter
Flower Shop Guy:rocker:
Delicious Face Style
Im Still Standing:rocker:
Van Full Or Retards
Hitler Was a Sensitive Man
Crankin' My Bands Demo on a Box at the Beach(sang by some random old guy and a little help from me)
Gloves Of Metal
311 Sucks:rocker:

Best show ever. Vegantopher help with this set or others?

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that fucking rules.

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That show was very awesome! Great review turtley! I woke up tired as shit from seeing the Meatmen and Black Fag the night before. I didn't expect it to be so god damn hot outside. I called out of work and picked my friend up around 2 or so and headed to the Blvd. We picked up some beers and kicked it in my car for an hour. It was so damn hot had to risk leaving the car on so we ahd some air conditioning to sit in. My friend gave me some bomb ass weed and I was extremely baked by the time I walked into the Blvd. My friends and I missed BrucexCambell, but were there in time for ACxDC. When I'm high I become scared of intense pits just cause it gets to intense for my high to handle haha. I stood behind the bassist of the band, where I knew I would be completely safe. Well I just stood there amazed at how crazy everything was haha.

Next up was Wormrot. I was extremely excited to see these guys again since I missed their set at the Scion fest. I stood in the back this time cause I was still too high to really handle being close haha. People were going crazy! Someone was thrown so hard he wen head first into the drums and knocked them over:rocker: Then a fight broke out shortly after. Wormrot just kept playing through the fight. The fight was next to the vinyl table and all I could think of was "someone should protect the vinyl!" haha. Wormrot played the same set as before.

At this point we have 3 hours till the next band went on. We were told we could get back in for half off, which sucked cause I already paid full price for presale:mad: Well we walked with my friend to his car to put merch away. The guys that were in te first earlier came up to one of my buddies and got in his face about kicking him in the head during Wormrot. Well this was the most idiotic thing I have seen. My buddy, who was getting shit, was in the back with me the whole set, so he couldn't have possibly kicked the guy. The best part was the guy trying to start a fight was about 5 foot 8 and maybe 160 pounds and had two smaller friends with him. My buddy is at least 6 foot and weights 250 pounds, he had two other friends bigger then him, then I had two friends who were big guys, then little me. So it was 6 on 3 and my friend had an aluminum bat in his car. The fight was about to break out when the kid starting shit decided it wasn't worth it to fight anymore and took off. Too bad cause those kids start fights with everyone at every show they go to at the Blvd. After this my two friends and I drove up to Truly Vegan in Hollywood and had some dinner. My friend was laughing at me telling me if I didn't appear stoned as fuck at the show, then the Pancakes with a side of fries and soy chicken didnt help my case hahaha. We went back to the venue, got some more beer, but at this point I wanted to knock out cause I was coming down from the high and tired as fuck. I found ot I had over two hours till the next band I wanted to see, so I took a nap and woke up completely sober and refreshed. Went back inside in time to see Strong Intention. They were awesome! I hadn't seen them since Murderfest in 06.

After this I went outside and got a picture with Turtley and Seth. Turtleyseemed over whelmed with excitement after the picture hahaha. Murder Construct with up next and played an awesome set. I grabbed a setlist.

I am Thought
Destroy Babylon
Tinkers Delight
No Saviou
New Song
End of an Error

Next was Anal Cunt and they were awesome!!! I didn't recognize too many songs, but the ones listed are the ones I remember.

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If thats the set then doesn't that mean they only played for 15 minutes?

04-17-2011, 08:01 PM
Sound like an awesome show. I wish I could have gone.

04-17-2011, 08:08 PM
If thats the set then doesn't that mean they only played for 15 minutes?

Anal Cunt played for about 45 minutes. I'm sure there were more songs played but every song blends together so its tough decifering what is what

04-17-2011, 08:36 PM
This show sounds fucking nuts, lmao.

Lol @ Vegantopher.. I smoked some fantastic bud before Amon Amarth last night.. yeah, pits can be extreme while baked.. It's nice to chill back and enjoy some metal though. I love seeing stoners on this forum.

04-17-2011, 08:37 PM
Oh man this concert sounds so awesome... I'm gonna be out of town Anal Cunt in Chicago next week or I'd definitely see it.

04-17-2011, 08:41 PM
This show sounds fucking nuts, lmao.

Lol @ Vegantopher.. I smoked some fantastic bud before Amon Amarth last night.. yeah, pits can be extreme while baked.. It's nice to chill back and enjoy some metal though. I love seeing stoners on this forum.

i was at a music festival all weekend... fucking wasted. i'm usually the one to drive to shows so i've never actually had a chance to experience it until now... it was absolutely amazing.

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Danny Walker is insane on drumz

04-17-2011, 09:21 PM
i was at a music festival all weekend... fucking wasted. i'm usually the one to drive to shows so i've never actually had a chance to experience it until now... it was absolutely amazing.

Metal and not being sober is generally a good combination.

Anyways, found a fucking sick vid from last night.

04-17-2011, 09:46 PM
Metal and not being sober is generally a good combination. [/url]

I agree to an extent. There has been a few shows recently where I was so hammered and did stupid shit that makes me laugh my ass off in embarrassment hahaha.

04-17-2011, 10:11 PM
I agree to an extent. There has been a few shows recently where I was so hammered and did stupid shit that makes me laugh my ass off in embarrassment hahaha.

:eyes: yep i can attest to this too hahahaha