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03-27-2011, 08:41 AM
There were three bands that opened, the first, dead sea, was a sort of technical metal band. Not bad, but not anything too exciting. Then Non-fiction came on and they were absolutely horrible - very boring riffs and some of the worst vocals I've ever heard. John from Agalloch subtlely apologized to the audience, saying "we had nothing to do with the choice of bands" and "I think SOME of you liked them" but he also called them nice guys so he wasn't insulting.

Worm Oroborous came on and were very beautiful. Dark and Haunting, very simple yet clever guitar and bass work. Aesop's drumming was very emotive too. It's probably the closest thing to Amber Asylum I'm ever going to see live, I felt lucky to see them.

Agalloch were amazing, although I felt that the sound could have been a bit better. The bass was a bit too loud and john's vocals were sort of drowned out. During "in the shadow..." Don's guitar seemed way out of tune, although I could be wrong, it was a long night. The setlist was very weighted on the last two albums and I missed some of my favorite songs from the first two, but I guess that is the way of things. On the upside, everyone in the band was very energetic especially Don. The enthusiasm leeked over into the crowd and the atmosphere was just magical. Ghosts of Midwinter Fires was probably one of the best played but Bloodbirds and Dead Winter Days also came through as standouts. As I previously Mentioned "In the Shadow" had some guitar problems, and to be honest, It is sort of an antimax of a song to end a show - I would have prefered something like "Odal" but it was done well and at the end of the night I had no regrets. I cannot wait to see them again!

They Escaped the Weight of Darkness Into the Painted Grey
Falling Snow
The Watcher's Monolith
Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires
Our Fortress is Burning... II - Bloodbirds

Dead Winter Days
In the Shadow of our Pale Companion

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The enthusiasm leeked over into the crowd and the atmosphere was just magical

The enthusiasm leeked over into the crowd

The enthusiasm leeked



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They played Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor too.

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Awesome set, glad you had a great time. I really need to see this band live. I'm glad they're doing those three off the new one. IMO their easily in the top ten best agalloch songs. Hope they become regular staples, if anything atleast Into The Painted Grey and Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires.