View Full Version : Glassjaw -- Sayerville, NJ -- March 26th, 2011

03-27-2011, 12:45 AM
I had a great time at this show. I've been a Glassjaw fan for about 3 years now and to finally see them live was amazing. Doors were at 7 and the first band went on at 8.

Tidal Arms were first and they were awesome, kind of in the same genre as like Mastodon, which is good because I love Mastodon. Very jammy but great live performance. Played probably close to 40 minutes. Incomplete and out of order set. 8.5/10
The Sun Exploding
Lower Slaughter
Past Prosperity
Heavy Brainfall
Hair and Teeth

After them a band called These People played and they weren't good. Kinda like proggy rock but not good. They had 3 guitarists and a percussionist with bongos and a tambourine. I really didn't like them and they played for like 20 minutes. 2/10

And at around 10 o'clock, Glassjaw came on and they blew me away. They were definitely worth the wait and seeing them headline was amazing. They put on a show that's on par with the likes of Norma Jean and The Chariot! They had a pretty decent pit most of the time but there were some tough guy bros that just fought people. Overall, I had a great time seeing them. 9.5/10
1. You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon)
2. Tip Your Bartender
3. Mu Empire
4. Stars
5. Ape Dos Mil
6. The Gillette Cavalcade Of ports
7. Pink Roes
8. Jesus Glue
9. Natural Born Farmer
10. All Good Junkies Go To Heaven
11. El Mark
12. Convectuoso
13. Two Tabs Of Mescaline
14. Siberian Kiss
15. Black Nurse
16. Gold
17. Vanilla Poltergeist Snake
18. Miracles In Inches
19. Stations Of The White Cross
20. Daytona White