View Full Version : Metalliance Tour -- Greensboro, NC -- March 22nd, 2011

03-23-2011, 11:08 PM
Got there at 6:30 and ended up missing Atlas Moth =/.

Howl were pretty good, but they did not compare to the insanity that was to come from the upcoming bands. Still, their sound was heavy as fuck and they did an excellent job warming us up.

I really enjoyed Red Fang's performance. Their songs were very hooky and they had a bit of a punk flavoring in their brand of stoner metal, not to mention the new songs sounded great. I'd love to see them again this summer at Mayhem Fest, although i'm not sure if they will get as good of a reception there.

Kylesa were quite impressive. I may get shit for this, but I really wasn't that familiar with this band until I saw them, and they definitely converted me as a fan :rocker:. I was also completely ignorant of the fact that this band had TWO drummers until I went to this show. An excellent performance.

I was already anticipating Crowbar from the start, and they exceeded my expectations. They are by far one of the HEAVIEST bands I have ever seen. Seriously, Kirk's guitar tone made a lot of the death metal bands i've seen sound light and fluffy in comparison to the crushing wall of melancholy and sludge that flowed from his guitar. They tackled a few new songs, as well as classics like "All I Had (I Gave)" and one of my personal favorites "Planets Collide" which I could not help but sing along to. Awesome showing, and Kirk is one of the coolest people you'll ever meet.

After how awesome Crowbar was, I wasn't sure if Saint Vitus would live up to their performance. Well I guess I should have had more faith in them, because I am not exaggerating when I say that Vitus are one of the best bands i've ever seen live. Wino is my favorite singer out of all the ones Saint Vitus has ever had, so his vocals were a huge highlight, as well as Dave's guitar playing. Every time he played a solo, this guy would go absolutely nuts. Playing solos behind his back, with his teeth, even in the middle of the audience. This guy's energy and passion onstage is unbelievable, not to mention being a chill as fuck guy off stage. White Motherfucking Stallions. That is all. P.S., after Dave ranted about his hatred of the Internet, he hinted that there may be a new Vitus album in the works. :rocker:

Helmet completely destroyed. Page was pretty wasted most of their set, but he was hilarious and had great stage presence. The entire Meantime album sounded excellent, and the crowd went fucking nuts, with almost everybody moshing and singing along. They also touched up on some other favorites like "Milquetoast", "Just Another Victim" and "Driving Nowhere", as well as a few songs off their new album. I wish they would have done some more stuff from Betty and Strap it On, but it was still an insane show.

All of the bands did great, and this show was a pretty refreshing change from the mostly death metal shows that I go to. If this tour is coming anywhere near you, DO NOT miss it!

03-24-2011, 10:50 AM
Awesome review man, wish this was coming near me!!