View Full Version : Kylesa -- Austin, TX -- March 15th, 2011

03-16-2011, 12:50 AM
Venue: Klub Krucial

Hollow Severer
Unknown Awareness
Running Red
Crowded Road
------------------- Dualing Drum Solo
Tired Climb
Distance Closing In
Bottom Line
Descend Within
Don't Look Back
Only One
Said and Done
------------------- Dualing Drum Solo
------------------- 4 Man Drum Jam

Opening bands: The Roller, HOD, Mammoth Grinder


Since SXSW is going on I decided to get down to the venue early. This was not a show that required badges or anything but I figured the line would be decent. I got there around 6:30 and doors were supposed to open at 8. There was only one other guy there so we just stood there and talked for a bit as the line formed behind us. Then 8pm came and went and by the time they finally got all the equipment loaded into the venue they opened the doors around 9. This was a venue that I have never seen open before and it seems like it will really only be active for SXSW. It was set up as more of a dance club than a rock club, which was kind of shitty for the sound. The club was wider than it was deep and there were cages for girls to dance in attached to the staircases going up to the balcony like you would see in a trashy dance club.

HOD was supposed to play first, but they were late coming in from San Antonio so Mammoth Grinder ripped through their set to start the night off. I've seen them a few times now that I've moved to Austin and they are a solid opening band but unfortunately their sound was pretty bad. HOD was plagued with the same sound issues sadly and not much of the crowd seemed interested in the black metal they were offering. Speaking of the crowd, it wasn't that full at all. I assumed a $6 Kylesa show at SXSW would be packed, but the place was maybe half full with a couple hundred people there. Luckily they worked out the sound issues by the time The Roller played.

We got right to the front for Kylesa. Phillip's on stage set up now includes his two floor toms as well as an iPad running some music software and a theremin also in addition to his guitar and mic. They had 3 projectors going, filling the walls of the club with the spinning Spiral Shadow cover art, which made for a very cool effect. The crowd was probably about 40% metal people, 30% Austin hipsters and 30% SXSW attendees roughly. What I am getting at is that when you have a crowd that isn't used to a pit of any kind then the floor opens up really big when just a couple people are moshing.... you guys know what I mean? So by the time Kylesa was into Tired Climb there was just wide open space behind me and I would get the random elbow or knee or whatever in the back without warning, so I decided to head to the balcony and watch from there. This ended up being a great idea because the sound was much clearer up there than it was down in front. All in all I thought they played a good mix from Static Tensions and Spiral Shadow and I was glad to hear one song off of each of the other albums. Hollow Severer should continue to be a staple in their live sets. After they finished Scapegoat Laura walked to the back but Phillip and Corey each brought one of the floor toms down into the crowd and they did a four man drum circle jam. I felt like a dirty hippie for a minute, then just back to the standard filthy metalhead.