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02-27-2011, 11:16 PM
What a show. I need to go to the hospital soon after this, but I'll write the review first haha. I got up this morning at 9am and drove from Las Vegas to Echo Park to ensure I was going to make it on time. I stopped at home in San Dimas to rest for a bit, but still, 300+ miles for LOC was fucking worth it. We got there at 5 or so, started pregamming till 6 or so. We went in to see a shitty band. Eturtle text me saying "this band sucks". My reply was "yeah they suck manky balls" haha thought maky would get a kick out of that. Anyways....

Graf Orlock went on at 7pm sharp. I started the pit. I went crazy cause I was very drunk at this point. Was pitting for a bit till someone picked me up and slammed me down on my side really hard. It feels like I have a broken rib right now. Too painful to breath, ughh. My friend gave me the rib check and they aren't broked, just fucking too much pain. I walked up to the bar asap and told the guy what happened and to give me as much sailor jerry as possible haha, so he did and I ran right back to the pit for more violence hahaha. No setlist.

Next thing I did was roll around on the floor on the side of the show cause I was in too much pain to move. I waited for Retox to go on. I saw JP up front, so I ran up there, saw Eturtle and shoot JP's hand and kicked it there for a minute. As soon as they went on, I started the pit. I wasn't in too long cause the pain was coming back, so I had to back off for a while. The bassist gave me and Eturtle a setlist. I just remember screaming about how the setlist was sticky, and Eturtle said its ok cause its JP's stickyness hahahaha.

New Song #1
Ready to Spit
I Rub the Wrong Way
New Song #9
Rusty Sheriff's Badge
Unpleasant Food
Piss Elegant
We Hang by out Eyelids
Put Some Hair on it
New Song #8

Next up was Leftover Crack. I was extremely excited for them because it had been 3 years since they played last. I went up to Brad before the show and asked him to play Crack City Rockers as a dedication to my dead friend who died right before they played Cracktoberfest in 2007 and my friend always played that song, so it reminds me of him, so Brad said of course they would. Well I yelled it the entire time like a jackass and finally got them to play half of it for me, which was cool, but they forgot the rest and ended it with Suicide, even better imo haha. My rib killed me the rest of the show and it was a struggle to drive home and write this, hopefully I feel better in the morning and no serious damage is done.

Homeo Apathy
Nazi White Trash
Life is Pain
One Dead Cop
Gang Control
Stop the Insanity
Soon We'll be Dead
Gay Rude Boys Unite
Ya Can't go Home
Rock the 40 oz
500 Channels
Atheist Anthem
Born to Die

Crack City Rockers/Suicide
Crack Rock Steady
The Good, the Bad, and the Leftover Crack

Edit: I completely forgot they played Soon We'll be Dead!! How could I forget it? I never thought I would ever hear them play that song live.

02-27-2011, 11:51 PM
a GREAT fuckin show.:rocker: