View Full Version : Gamma Ray -- Chicago, IL -- February 3rd, 2011

02-06-2011, 02:35 PM
Tour: To The Metal!
Headliner: Gamma Ray
Support: Mindwarp Chamber, Atomize, Act Of Destruction, District 97
Venue: Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, IL
Date: February 3rd, 2011
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Gamma Ray Set List:

Intro: Welcome
01. Gardens Of The Sinner
02. New World Order
03. Empathy
04. Deadlands
05. Fight
06. Mother Angel
07. No Need To Cry
08. The Saviour
09. Abyss Of The Void
10. Drum Solo
11. Armageddon (Extended)
12. To The Metal!
13. Rebellion In Dreamland
14. Man On A Mission (Extended)

15. Ride The Sky
16. I Want Out
17. Send Me A Sign

Set Time: 9.55-11.58

Gamma Ray Lineup:

Guitar/Vocals: Kai Hansen
Guitar: Henjo Richter
Bass: Dirk Schlachter
Drums: Daniel Zimmermann

This was an excellent show on a cold, snowy night. The weather probably affected the attendance but it did not diminish the enthusiasm of the crowd or the band. Kai mentioned that they had to get up at 4 A.M. to catch an early flight out of L.A. because their flight the day before had been cancelled due to the weather. The band had to be tired but they still gave 110% effort. They extended both Armageddon and Man On A Mission. They played Sweet Home Chicago during Armageddon, which was funny to hear in Kai's accent. I thought the new songs sounded great and they were well received by the crowd. Dirk played an acoustic flying V guitar and did part of the vocals on No Need To Cry. The band really looked like they were having fun and were very appreciative of the response from the small crowd.