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01-27-2011, 09:01 AM
From drummer Bobby Jarzombek:

"Been meaning to post this update for a while now but I've just been too busy with all sorts of stuff...

Anyway, as some of you know by now I was up in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago recording my drum tracks for the upcoming Arch / Matheos album (yeah, that John Arch!) at the Carriage House. I know this news is gonna make some of you die-hard old school Fates Warning fans very happy.

This thing has actually been in the works for a while but has been kept under wraps. The process started in early 2010 as Jim began e-mailing me Pro-Tools sessions and wav files of the songs as Jim and John were writing them. I demoed my drum ideas during the breaks in my 2010 schedule and began sending files back and forth to Jim and John, making changes along the way. There's some amazing music here and it really inspired me to create some unique and challenging drum stuff. And Fates long-time engineer, Phil Magnotti, captured some great drum sounds in the studio so I can't wait to hear the finished product when the CD is done. "

The album is due late Spring/early Summer on Metal Blade.

Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
01-27-2011, 09:30 AM
That's great and all but how about a new Fates Warning album, Jim?

It's been 7 years since FWX.

01-27-2011, 11:24 AM
That's great and all but how about a new Fates Warning album, Jim?

It's been 7 years since FWX.

Having seen how bored and disinterested they looked playing the 'Parallels' album last year, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there were no more FW albums. There are no statements to back that up, and they are doing one or two shows this year as well, I just wouldn't be surprised.

01-27-2011, 09:56 PM
I can't wait for this album.

01-27-2011, 10:46 PM
i am really excited for this, i love the John Arch EP that was released a few years ago. He still has his pipes that he had back on Awaken the Guardian.