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01-25-2011, 05:59 AM
The day before the A7X, Stone Sour show my buddy asks me if I want to check out a special acoustic show that Corey Taylor is putting on at Angel's Rock Bar before the concert. Uh, yeah. Apparently they limited the people who could attend by having to win some radio station lottery type thing. I seriously don't think there was 200 people there. It was great.

I checked youtube and other setlist sites and when Corey plays acoustic sets he does mostly covers and usually 1 Stone Sour song and he has played Snuff as a tribute to Paul a few times. My favorite cover he does is Nutshell. Man I wanted to hear that song...

I meet Kory G from BTS down there an hour early. We pregame at Mex and get a solid base coat before heading over to Rock Bar. I see them setting up and rather than just Corey it's actually Corey, Jim Root & Josh Rand. They played all Stone Sour songs which was cool then hung out afterwards talking to everyone and taking pictures. I was hoping for a few more songs but the guys were so cool to just chill with that it made up for the lack of songs.


Through Glass

Jim Root


Root giving Corey "the ears"


After that we headed to Hooters to chow and watch some football. I literally laughed my ass off there. Every time I saw this dude's face I busted into CRY FOR THE INDIANS! because he reminded me of that crying indian commercial. You probably had to be there but we were crying our own damn selves. Hooters buffalo shrimp and wings are perfect partying food by the way...

Don't Litter!


After that we headed to the show. Same setlists as posted on here. New Medicine were boring. Had more fun mingling at that point. I don't hate Hollywood Undead but I expected more from them. The main drummer sounded good but other than Everywhere I go the setlist just seemed to plod along.

Stone Sour were really good but they literally had 5 feet of stage to work with. That surprised me a little. The heavier songs really came off well. 30/30-150 had the place going nuts. Get Inside should be in their set in place of a slower song.

A7X came out with the hanging dude and tons of pyro. Nothing that hasn't been said except I was really impressed with how clean Synyster Gates guitar sound was. That dude sounded amazing that night. Unholy Confessions was the highlight of their set as expected.

Overall a great way to kick off the 2011 concert year.

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I can't stop laughing:lol:

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heres a good example

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lmao :lol:

Dude that is HILARIOUS!

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Now I can't stop laughing.... AGAIN! I was just looking at the pic. What is he thinking? I wonder how her brains taste? You can see the football game is at a commercial so it's like he's staring into her soul... through the back of her dome. hahaha

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it's black jesus

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That reminded me of this

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LOL @ Jim's stache.