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12-24-2010, 03:44 AM
For the past three years now, Winds of Plague has headlined a festival at the Glasshouse called December Decimation. This year it was split into two days; I only attended the first one. The main draw for me was After the Burial, a progressive metalcore band. I do enjoy Winds of Plague a fair bit as well though.

The doors opened around 2 and there were plenty of local bands scheduled to play. My friend and I decided to show up later, after the local bands were finished. We got there as In the Midst of Lions was setting up. I don't have much to say about these guys because I didn't care for them. After them Thick as Blood was up. They were much worse than the band that preceded them and the vocalist was extremely annoying to me. War of Ages was next and they were a bit better. The drummer kept screwing up on the double bass parts, but their music was tolerable. Upon a Burning Body was the last torturous band on the lineup. I feel no need to elaborate on their performance.

Finally after a few hours of not-so-great bands, After the Burial was doing their sound check. They just recently released a new album, In Dreams, so I was expecting to hear some new songs. Although the album generally disappointed me, there were a handful of songs I enjoyed on it. Luckily the two new songs they played were in that handful.

Once they came on stage I could tell the crowd was much more excited for them than the other bands. They opened with "My Frailty" and crowd was pretty into it. However, one person couldn't handle it. During the second song a pit broke out behind me and a girl started kicking the people in the pit. Later in the song she punched a guy in the face, and then her boyfriend dragged her out of the pit, where she proceeded to pick a fight with another person. Security had to break it up and I didn't see her around again, thankfully. Anyway, Anthony sounded great and Justin and Trent (guitarists) nailed their solos. I was very surprised that they played two songs from their first album, Forging a Future Self. Those two songs were definitely the highlight of the night for me, especially since one of them I had not seen them play before. I'm really hoping they go on a headlining tour in 2011 so I can see them again. :horns:

My Frailty
Cursing Akhenaten
Bread Crumbs and White Stones
A Steady Decline
The Forfeit

Winds of Plague was the last band for the night. They set up some Christmas lights, a blow-up Frosty, and fake tree on stage. It wasn't long before they were on stage opening with "The Impaler". Johnny mentioned that he had strep throat, but he still sounded great and was energetic on stage. The set was a bit shorter than I would have liked, but they played most of their best songs, as well as a rare one off their first album. I might have messed up the order of a set, but I'm pretty sure I have all of the songs right.

The Impaler
Chest and Horns
Decimate the Weak
Refined in the Fire (new)
Angels of Debauchery
One Body Too Many

12-24-2010, 07:07 AM
Decent ATB set for a supporting slot, though I think it should be a decree that A Vicious Reforming of Features should be included at every show.

Winds of Plague should never headline, because their set is never more than 30-35 minutes no matter if they're supporting or headlining, doesn't make sense to me. Playing Brotherhood is alright, but I think we've heard the Decimate The Weak songs enough times already...

12-24-2010, 12:32 PM
Yeah, "A Vicious Reforming of Features" is my favorite song by them and I really wish they would play it live. It would have been great if they were headlining, or at least played a couple more songs, because the show actually got out at about 10:20. And I agree about hearing the Decimate the Weak songs too many times, but in an interview Johnny said the crowds don't seem to like the songs from The Great Stone War at all. I think the album was pretty good though, and I would have liked to hear another song or two from it.

12-24-2010, 03:11 PM
I've only heard ATB play that song once and that was on The Night Of The Living Shred Tour in September of '09. And Johnny is right because all the little kids with their breakdown attitude only want to hear double bass, breakdowns, and 7 second solos. This is why I stopped going to a lot of metal shows, even at Nile there were a lot of kids who were there for Rose Funeral and made the experience semi-forgettable.