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12-23-2010, 02:26 PM
Top 10 Shows of 2010

1.American Carnage-The show we waited literally a year for. I had gotten seat tickets so I was sitting miserably during Testament. By then me and my buds had snuck down to the pit to see fuckin Megadeth. I got upfront for Slayer and I was fuckin happy.
Slayer/Megadeth together is just a perfect feeling.

2.Cannibal Corpse/Skeletonwitch-My 2nd time seeing Skeli and they were amazing. Cannibal Corpse was just so wild and crazy like all the story's you hear about them. One of the greatest bands to see live.

3.GWAR/The Casaulties-I hadnt seen The Casaulties in years so it felt great to relive my middle skool punk rock years. GWAR is just intense live with their props and junk. You've never had fun at a show until youve seen them live.

4.OFF!-The greatest thing to come out of punk rock in years. Keith Morris of the legendary Black Flag/Circle Jerks with their larger than life band. It felt like being at a punk show in the 80s. Back when punk rock was alive n kickin.

5.Mayhem Fest-I walked in perfect timing waiting for Hatebreed. Theyre so nuts on stage. I just love that hardcore punk and metal feeling.
Lamb Of God was great. Rob Zombie puts a show so amazing that even if you aint into to his music you will be. Korn disappointed but it ok.

6.Power Of The Riff Fest-A free festival. Trap Them,Black Breath,Semen Sundae are bands of the new wave of hxc and they prove to be as great. Grindcore legends Repulsion owned the show with stage diving crowed Surfing. And we cant forget a once in a life time 3 piece reunion of Crossover Thrash era-Corrosion Of Conformity. You aint gonna see that again!

7.Toxic Holocaust-a band I really fell inlove with last year that ive been dying to see. Nowhere better than a little ass place in east la. Joel Grind is a mastermind and his lyrics and stage performance are great.

8.Cannabis Corpse-Being a Municipal Waste fan I had to see this side project. Cannabis Corpse is tongue in cheek band that you still take seriously. Fueled By Fire need their original singer back badly. I left with a love for two local bands. DxAxF(Drunk As Fuck) a crossover thrash band with large people and music. And Crust punk Temple Of Dagon that love HP Lovecraft instead of stupid political lyrics.

9.Danzig-in 2009 they would've been #2 but in 2010 they're #9. Glenn has been my hero since middle skool along with Jello Biafra,Sid Vicious,Darby crash,etc. This band being the badass's they are just make you wanna sing along and headbang in a motion that is evil. Danzig is legendary

10.Vitamin X/ACxDC-
Powerviolence is a beautiful sub genre of hardcore punk. Think a punk rock version of Grindcore. ACxDC(Anti-Christ demon Core) are so intense and great. My favorite band at the moment. They outstaged Vitamin X/Lack Of Interest who also are fuckin great.

12-23-2010, 02:38 PM
Top 10 Shows of 2010
1.American Carnage-The show we waited literally a year for. I had gotten seat tickets so I was sitting miserably during Testament. By then me and my buds had snuck down to the pit to see fuckin Megadeth. I got upfront for Slayer and I was fuckin happy.
Slayer/Megadeth together is just a perfect feeling..

I agree. The wait for that concert felt like FOREVER....I got my ticket for that show back in November of 2009 when the show was originally suppose to be in January. When they announced that Tom had to have surgery and that the show would be pushed all the way back to THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER I was pretty :(:hecho::bouville::flame:

How the hell did you sneak all the way down to the front :confused:
Thankfully me and my buds got Pit tickets right when they first went on sale :rocker:
Sorry to hear about your miserable time with Testament....You missed out on that epic WALL OF DEATH :rocker: :rocker::rocker:

By the way I assume you are talking about the long beach show, right? That's the one I was at.

12-23-2010, 02:47 PM

1.Gama Bomb(for Evile)-Since the new album that was free came out ive been wanting to see these Irish thrashers. High pitched comic book sci-fo heavy metal. Singing along on stage was so ARRRGHG!

2.Ceremony(For Integrity)-2nd time seeing Ceremony. First time I hadnt heard much but the show was so intence I had to see them again. Im sure most people only went for this band. Place when nuts when they started and not one person in the place didnt get kicked in the face that day. Ceremony is HXC.

3.Bonded By Blood(For Evildead/Warbringer/Exodus/Evile)-4 time did I see one my favorite new thrash bands. First 3 times were great as I sang a long and headbanged to the high pitch screams of Immortal Life. 4 time they got a new singer. I wasnt sure if this was gonna be good since i loved the vocals. New singer was actually pretty good.

4.Repulsion(for COC)-People went nuts for them instead of a reunited COC. That tells you somthing. These guys help start grindcore! Nuff Said!

5.Fuck the Facts(for Iron Age)Lead Singer Mel was 5 month pregnant and singing her fetus out for a free Grindcore show. Canadian Prego Grind RULES!

6.Skeletonwitch(For Cannibal Corpse/Ozzfest)-A band that is amazing when they headline. Opening for CC was impressing since I knew thier music this time round. Ozzfest early in the morning were still badass. You have to see them headline.

7.7 Seconds(For Circle Jerks)-This band shoulve headlined. Nevada sxe youth crew pioneers. Ive been wanting to see this band since 8th grade and finally they returned. I sang my lungs out for every single song so I was pooped for a crappy live Circle Jerks.

8.Municpal Waste(For Circle Jerks)-one of my all time favorite bands. They did a great job and I enjoyed hearing new song but this is band isnt the same unless they headline.

9.DxAxF(For Cannabis Corpse/Toxic Holocaust)-Lead singer Big Mike(RF7,Out Of Tune) is well known in the LA punk/metal scene for being a drummer. This time he sings. A great fuckin band thats fast and snotty the way crossover is supposed to be.

10.Exmortus(For Warbringer/Vektor).First time I saw these guys I was Iffy about losing the singer.They were still great. 2nd time I was really impressed and into it. I got punched for a free shirt.

12-23-2010, 03:28 PM
Can we be new-thrash boyfriends? <3

12-23-2010, 05:05 PM
I really wanted to comment on here until Manks had to gay it up!!! LOL just playing!!!

12-23-2010, 09:53 PM

I knew he was gonna give a long ass reply about that show, like he always does when someone mentions Slayer.

And it seems to me like you really tried to get this done as quick as possible. I know you had plenty more to say about these shows.

Oh, and you forgot Motley Crue at Ozzfest ;)

12-24-2010, 01:00 PM
kinda a rush,i cant think of stuff to say at the moment. Manky ur my thrash bf

12-24-2010, 03:34 PM
TOP 10 Worst Openers of 2010

1.Doomriders(For Skeletonwitch)-oh my god do these guys suck peepee. They think their all tuff. Asshole guitar player kicked stage divers and got my buddy and put his head under his crotch. fuck this band. They suck balls at makin music and being people. Dickriders

2.All Shall Perish(For Danzig)-After Toxic Holocaust played I was in a great mood until these tuff baldys showed up. Nothing worst than a deathcore band trying to be macho. You play deathcore and your opening for Danzig;you aint cool! All Suck Penis

3.Five Finger Death Punch(For Mayhem Fest)-Another band that gives metalcore a bad name. After seeing Hatebreed and waiting to see Lamb Of God I remembered these cacas were up next. Damn that sucked. Five Finger Donkey Punch.

4.Motley Crue-:zzz: Ugh if Skeletonwitch/Goatwhore/Exodus/Devil Driver didnt play I wouldnt have gone just to avoid these glam jack offs. This this is the only time I will admit of seeing this band live. Motley Crap.

5.Fight Amp-For Iron Age-I hate sludge,im sorry i just do. Light Lamp

6.Dyer-For Exodus-I hate stereotypical deth/thrash bands. I hate patriotic people. Nuff Said! USA Lyers

7.The Oh Sees(For OFF!)-These guys ended up headlining. I hate indie art bands to the max. Get your indie bullshit out of my punk rock. The Oh Shut the fuck ups.

8.Righteous Fool(For COC)-I was looking so forward to these guys because the lead singer is Mike of COC(he was opening for himself). Bad idea when your the first band and people are just yelling out COC songs. I really tried to get into it. Yep you fooled us for believing you'd be as great as COC.

Damn no 9 or 10. Sill since i Only had 2 anyway

The Let down live bands of 2010

1.Circle Jerks-One of my all time favorite bands. All Keith Morris did was bitch and talk about the punk scene and stage diving. Only cool thing he did was play 5 Black Flag songs. Im so glad he has a fresh new band. Waste and & Seconds was worth still going.

2.Korn-I grew up with this band,I was excited to see them. They did a sloppy job and They weren't into it at all. Tho they played all my favorite songs they coulda done better.

12-24-2010, 06:18 PM
TOP 10 Worst Openers of 2010

1.Doomriders(For Skeletonwitch)-oh my god do these guys suck peepee. They think their all tuff. Asshole guitar player kicked stage divers and got my buddy and put his head under his crotch. fuck this band. They suck balls at makin music and being people. Dickriders

:( Their split with Boris is really good

12-24-2010, 07:09 PM
Can't really pretend kicking crowd surfers is a bad thing. :D

12-24-2010, 09:49 PM
Can't really pretend kicking crowd surfers is a bad thing. :D

Kicking to move out the way is ok. Kicking like trying to kick his ass is not cool

12-24-2010, 10:02 PM
:( Their split with Boris is really good

thats it we're over as new thrash bfs

12-24-2010, 10:50 PM
Top 10 Albums of 2010


So aint a metal album. so what? This a true hardcore masterpice. If you have the other albums they have out you'll know what im talking about. Ceremony is a band that litterly reaches out to fans. Songs like Open Head and Sick are just anthems of todays hardcore generation. This album I assure you will go down in punk rock history.

Another album by the legendary Danzig. This album still has the blues rock sound with that gothic hint of evil every Danzig fan is horny about. I was excited for this. Not as great as I expected but still badass. On a Wicked Night is a song that wil most lily stay on thier set list for years to coe.

Keith Morris has done it again. Just pretend he never left Black Flag and started Circle Jerks. This is the genious work that wouldve happen. OFF!(get it? 'cause Black Flag is also a branded bug spray) has members of Circle Jerks,Redd Kross,Rocket From The Crypt,etc. If you claim to like punk rock these EPS(soon to be on cd format) should be in your collection. OFF! is the best thing punk rock has givin us since a Germs reunion.

A perfect sequel to the album my sister would sometimes blast when I was a kid. Songs like Sick Bubblegum and Mars Needs Women are classics in this album witch is not just industial. Horror punk is added to this badboy and im glad Rob made up with this for the crappy Halloween sequel.

Varg is finally out of jail. The two albums he did there were not Black Metal so I wasnt sure about this one. Varg went back to his Black metal roots in this one and proved he is still one sick ass mofo. I still wish he'd tour but oh well. And im really diggin the new logo.

Another hardcore album. As many of you know by now im not a fan of sludge metal. I heard an Eyehategod album once. I love Mike's voice but the music was too fuckin slow. This time he used it with the legendary Phil Anslemo (not singing!) on guitar and my favorite country singer Hank Williams III on drums. This is hardcore. The EP was great and now with this full legnth it proves metal heads can play punk rock just as badass as they do metal.

They dont waste time makin music. Ordeous has done it again. Tho it wasnt as badass as last years album it was still done great. Tick-Tits and Sick And Twisted were done in gwar fashion which we all hoped. Lyrics are very great on this one and The Litany of the Slain is really heavy. Gwar rules.

2nd album by Pamona thrashers. Sadly also a goodbye album from vocailist Alladin who brought the band to life. Songs are longer and more Prog. Tho I aint into that its still a great thrash album.

My all time favorite band doing the genre I hate the most. It evens it out. I did a review on here so go look for it. This aint your typic AxCx record but if your gay for Seth the greatest poet in the world like iam then go for it. A serious AxCx album coming soon.

The blackmetal badasses Darkthrone are so evil hey refuse to play live,wear corpse paint, or have fun anymore. Hell,theyre so evil they refuse to play black metal anymore. Yep another Crust album but with more trad.metal in it. Darkthrone are badasses but this isnt thier best work in the crust era. Punks is Black Metal.

12-24-2010, 10:58 PM

Best album cover of 2010


01-02-2011, 01:36 AM
Ronnie James Dio
El Hijo De Cien Caras
Ari Up(The Slits)
Derf Scratch(FEAR)
http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_U89B8-_PycA/ShCFrL5R7tI/AAAAAAAAABM/zIfOUTbfo9U/s400/Gary_Coleman_Different_Strokes_Before_He_Got_Ugly. jpg
Gary Colemen

Paul Grey(Anal Blast,Slipknot)

JC Bailey