View Full Version : Prima Donna -- Los Angeles, CA -- December 11th, 2010

12-12-2010, 01:21 PM
Redwood Bar & Grill. I really wanted to go to the Key Club show Thursday but I was way too sick.

TORA TORA TORA (not to be confused with TORA TORA)

(no setlist)


no setlist but did pop-punk version of As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones)

KIM SHATTUCK (The Muffs) solo electric guitar

01. A Little Luxury
02. Won't Come Out To Play
03. Where Only I Could Go
04. Honeymoon
05. Everybody Loves You
06. I'm Not Around
07. Everywhere I Go
08. End It All
09. Ethyl My Love
10. Outer Space
11. Sad Tomorrow


* with Nikki Corvette
** with Nikki Corvette & Kim Shattuck

01. -intro-
01. Boys Boys Boys *
02. Somethin' Else (Eddie Cochran cover) *
03. Girls Like Me *
04. Beat Your Heart Out **
05. Soul Stripper
06. Feral Children
07. Demoted
08. Crimson Lust
09. Rip Her To Shreds (Blondie cover)
10. Stray Doll (with I Walked With A Zombie intro)
11. Pink Suede
12. Some Kinda Nerve
13. I Don't Want You To Love Me

During Some Kinda Nerve, Kevin hit Aaron (keys/sax) in the head while mic twirling. Great energetic 60 min performance.

DIRTY EYES in the cleanup set

(opted to hit the next bus and only saw 1 song)