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12-07-2010, 01:42 PM
Hey everybody, we're finally reaching the end of 2010 and everyone is getting their year end lists together. This year I heard (mostly bought) 40 albums that were released during the year of 2010, and attended a total of 14 shows.

Over the next couple weeks I'll share with you my opinions on the following subjects (There may be more if I think of other categories):
1. Top 5 Album Covers of 2010
2. Top 5 Shows of 2010
3. Top 10 Live Performances
4. Rankings of the 40 albums I've heard

Thank you for checking my thread out and stay tuned for updates!

12-07-2010, 02:14 PM
First up will be my five favorite album covers from 2010:

5. Phobia – Unrelenting
A war driven cover, covered with skulls, makeshift graves, and machine gun ammo is the perfect piece of art to slap onto the cover of a 14 minute grind assault brought to you none other by grind legends Phobia.

4. Immolation – Majesty and Decay
This cover fits the album perfectly. It’s dark, brooding, and actually looks like it would be heavy. Definitely stuck out to me the first time I saw it.

3. Lightning Swords of Death – The Extra Dimensional Wound
I’m not really sure what exactly this album cover is supposed to be, but I think it’s awesome to look at. It’s very detailed and mysterious, and the indecipherable logo makes it all the better.

2. Darkthrone – Circle the Wagons
Another interesting piece by Dennis Dread, who has done art for the last couple releases by Darkthrone, as well as album covers for Autopsy, Abscess, and Phobia, to name a few. His ‘pencil-styled’ drawings are very unique and detailed, and work with Darkthrone’s new style pretty well.

1. Hour of Penance – Paradogma
Great cover. Perfect for anti-religious brutal death metal, with a church being brought down in flames by crosses with a bleeding Mary statue out front. It doesn’t get much better than that.

12-07-2010, 02:37 PM
Here is a list of the shows that I attended this year, I'm only going to list the headliners for now:

Devildriver - 1/21/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
Behemoth - 1/28/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
Mastodon - 4/26/10, The Palace Theatre, Greensburg, PA.
Amon Amarth - 4/28/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
GWAR - 6/24/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
Iron Maiden - 7/14/10, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA.
KISS - 7/28/10, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA.
Mayhem Festival 2010 - 8/07/10, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA.
Ozzfest 2010 - 8/19/10, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA.
Rush - 9/16/10, Console Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA.
Triptykon - 10/14/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
Black Label Society - 10/16/10, Trib Total Media Ampitheater, Pittsburgh, PA.
Watain - 11/06/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
Dimmu Borgir - 11/12/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.

12-16-2010, 02:11 PM
Top 10 Live Performances

10. Rush – 9/16/10, Console Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA
This was my second time seeing Rush. I thought that the setlist was a pretty strange one, but Rush is Rush. Neil Peart is my drumming hero, and watching his flawless performance could have made me cry. Geddy was on his game and sounded great vocal wise as he was slapping his bass like a madman. The second half was the highlight, seeing as Moving Pictures is one of my favorite albums. I definitely want to go see them again sometime.

9. Ozzy Osbourne – 8/19/10, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
This was my third time seeing the Ozzman live, and it was probably the best. I’m not going to lie I went in thinking he might not be all that great, and I was disappointed by the lack of Zakk Wylde and Mike Bordin. Ozzy played an awesome set and pulled out some surprising songs such as “Fire in the Sky”, as well as some of my favorite Black Sabbath songs such as “Fairies Wear Boots” and “Into the Void”. His new band is tight too. The “Rat Salad” jam was beyond amazing. Ozzy had a good pick with Gus G.

8. Clutch – 10/16/10, Trib Total Media Ampitheater, Pittsburgh, PA
I only just recently started listening to Clutch, and after hearing the self titled album, I was immediately hooked to them. Even though I love BLS and Children of Bodom (the old stuff, at least), I was going to this show mainly for Clutch. Though they played before Bodom at my date, it was still worth the time they got. I was beyond excited to hear them pull out “I Have the Body of John Wilkes Booth”, “Freakonomics”, “Big News I”, and “Burning Beard”, to name a few. I really, really, really want to see these guys headline, and when I do, you can count on me being in the front row.

7. Watain – 11/6/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA
Whenever I found out that Behemoth was coming back a second time this year, I nearly shit myself. Whenever I found out that Watain would be coming with them, I did shit myself. Whenever Behemoth cancelled the tour, I was very surprised to see that Watain was doing a headlining show at Mr. Smalls. I didn’t think they were big enough to headline there, but I was wrong, I guess. Since it was the first date of the tour, they didn’t have any of the rotting animal carcasses or blood, but the music and the performance were still awesome. Daniellson seriously looked possessed onstage, and there was definitely a presence of some sort throughout the venue. Highlights for me were “Malfeitor”, “On Horns Impaled”, “Waters of Ain”, “Total Funeral”, and “Stellarvore”.

6. Triptykon, 10/14/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA
Without a doubt the heaviest and loudest show I’ve ever been to. I was able to witness Tom G. Warrior, a Metal God, play to a room of what couldn’t have been more than 150 people. Warrior had such a commanding and intense presence on stage, and only spoke to the crowd once the entire night. In addition to the Triptykon songs, of course they pulled out some Celtic Frost classics such as “Circle of the Tyrants”, “The Usurper”, and the ball breaking “Procreation (of the Wicked)”. The Triptykon songs were incredible as well. “Goetia”, “The Prolonging”, and “Abyss Within My Soul” were all monumental. I hope these guys tour America again sometime soon.

5. Suffocation, 1/22/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA
I’m not going to lie, I went to this show to see Devildriver, and although they were awesome that night, Suffocation was just a mindfuck. I wasn’t a fan of them at the time, and the only album by them I owned was Blood Oath. I only knew two songs they played throughout their set, and those two, as well as all the other ones, completely floored me. Watching Hobbs, Marchais, and Boyer play their guitars was mind boggling, as well as Mike Smith’s incredible drumming. Frank Mullen also sounds like a monster live, and is hilarious when he talks. The band plays such complicated and heavy material with such energy. The day after this show, I ordered three of their albums, and today I consider them to be my favorite death metal band.

4. Behemoth, 1/28/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA
This was my third time seeing Behemoth, my second time seeing them as a fan, and my first time seeing them headline. Mr. Smalls was the most crowded I have ever seen it, and there was good reason for that. They played their crushing brand of blackened death metal for over an hour. Although the set lacked any material that was released before Satanica, they made up for it with three songs off that album: “LAM”, “Decade of Therion”, and “Chant for Eschaton 2000”. Other highlights for me were newer songs such as “Lucifer” and “Alas, Lord is Upon Me”, as well as “Christians to the Lions” and “As Above So Below”, which might be one of the heaviest songs I’ve ever seen live.

3. Amon Amarth, 4/28/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA
Amon Amarth was one of the bands that got me into extreme metal, and since I missed what was their first show in Pittsburgh in 2009, there was no way in Hell I was going to miss this one. No matter what songs they played, it was going to be an awesome show, since all of their material is good. They could have used more from Fate of Norns and With Oden on Our Side, and maybe a bit less from Twilight of the Thunder God, but I really can’t complain. I headbanged through the duration of their entire set, beginning to end. “Valhall Awaits” was Godly live, as well as “Death In Fire” and “Varyags of Miklagaard”. I’m very much awaiting their new album and hoping they decide to visit Pittsburgh again.

2. Iron Maiden, 7/14/10, First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
I used to be a pretty big fan of Iron Maiden, but after awhile I kind of grew out of them. In the recent years I didn’t really care about their classic material, and I surely couldn’t give a damn about their new material. Shortly before the tour was coming, I decided to give A Matter of Life and Death a second chance, and I liked it a lot more than I did whenever I was 13 years old, and I completely understand why I didn’t like it then. I didn’t decide I was going to go until the last minute, but I’m really glad I did. I was very skeptical because I knew the setlist, but what can I say…It’s Maiden. This was perhaps the most emotional and epic show I’ve ever been to. Never before have I been so far away from the stage, all the way up on the lawn, but felt so ridiculously close to the band. All of the new songs were beyond incredible live, and the few old songs that they played made the entire night even better. After the show, I quickly regained my interest in Iron Maiden, and I will GLADLY go see them any chance I ever get to do so.

1. Enslaved, 11/12/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA
I was so disappointed that Enslaved was opening for Dimmu Borgir, but I wanted to see them for a second time so fucking bad. I was lucky enough to have won a spot on the guest list, so I didn’t have to pay $30 to get in, but I would have gladly paid that much for this show. They only got to play 35 minutes, but they were so damned awesome. I might be a bit biased, because Enslaved is one of my favorite bands, but whatever. The new songs that they played, “Ethica Odini”, “Raidho”, and “The Beacon” were incredible live. Especially “The Beacon”. It was ferocious. “Fusion of Sense and Earth” and “Isa”, were both great too, and got pretty good reactions from the crowd. “Ground” is a very special song to me, and it was one of the highlights of the set. I spent the whole 35 minutes headbanging, fist pumping, and screaming every word to every song. Ivar even acknowledged my presence while they were onstage, giving me a thumbs up sign and nodding. I was able to meet the entire band after the show, and get a handful of my albums signed. I had a great conversation with Cato, the drummer, about drums and recording and some other things, and had small conversations with Ivar and Herbrand. They’re all great guys, and I am looking forward to their American headlining tour in 2011 more than anything right now.

Coming next will be my ranking of the three EP's I heard during 2010.

12-23-2010, 08:44 AM
2010 EP Rankings

3. Phobia – Unrelenting
I’m fairly new to grindcore, so I don’t have very much to compare this to, but I’ll take it for what it is: 17 ‘unrelenting’ songs in not even 15 minutes. This EP is just a short burst of madness and energy. A couple of the songs sound a little bit repetitive, especially in the vocal patterns, but that doesn’t really surprise me. It’s actually better than a lot of full length’s on my list and it’s great when I feel like smacking my steering wheel and banging my head for 15 minutes while I’m driving.
1. Revolt Your Life
2. Life’s Animosity
3. If You Used to Be Punk, Then You Never Were

2. Autopsy – The Tomb Within
I was surprised earlier this year whenever Chris Reifert suddenly ended Abscess (who also have an album out this year…just realized I never got around to hearing it) and reactivated Autopsy full time. I was even more surprised whenever they announced they were going to have an EP out just a couple of months after that. There’s not much you can really say about this EP, other than it’s Autopsy. Some of the songs fit right in with the classic Autopsy albums, while others sound more like Autopsy’s mid-later 90’s albums. The riffs are slow, heavy, and slamming, while Reifert’s grunts are as inhuman and sloppy as ever (in a good way). This EP is Autopsy’s way of showing everybody that they’ve still got it, and after hearing this, I really can’t wait for their full length to be released.
1. My Corpse Shall Rise
2. Human Genocide
3. The Tomb Within

1. Triptykon – Shatter
I picked this up at the whenever I saw Triptykon live a couple weeks before it was released. The EP features two new Triptykon songs that were recorded during or around the recording of Eparistera Daimones (Shatter, I Am the Twilight), an ambient interlude (Crucifixus), and two classic Celtic Frost songs performed live by the band (Circle of the Tyrants, Dethroned Emperor), with the latter featuring Nocturno Culto on vocals. The new songs are full of as much quality as anything on Eparistera, if not even better than a couple of tracks, while the live songs are well, Celtic Frost. The simplicity and ambience of “Shatter” make it one of the most haunting but beautiful songs of the year, while “I Am the Twilight” is just eight minutes of heavy. In my eyes it doesn’t get too much better than an EP filled with new Triptykon and live Celtic Frost classics, so that’s probably why this is my favorite EP of the year.
1. Shatter
2. I Am the Twilight
3. Dethroned Emperor (Live with Nocturno Culto)

12-23-2010, 08:52 AM
Mastodon - 4/26/10, The Palace Theatre, Greensburg, PA.
Triptykon - 10/14/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
Watain - 11/06/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.Nicely done. :party:

Behemoth - 1/28/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.
Amon Amarth - 4/28/10, Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale, PA.Fuck off and die. :mad:

...and by the way, those are three killer EP's you listened to.

12-23-2010, 08:58 AM
Fuck off and die. :mad:

You could have made those trips to Pittsburgh, broseph ;)

...and by the way, those are three killer EP's you listened to.

It was really hard for me to rank them, cause I like them all alot. I would have liked to hear more EP's from the year, but I'm satisfied with the three I've got.

12-23-2010, 09:06 AM
No Samael - Antigod?!

12-23-2010, 10:22 AM
You could have made those trips to Pittsburgh, broseph ;)I know. They were both on my radar screen, actually, but I wasn't able to make either one, and that makes you an asshole. Sorry, that's how my logic works. ;)

It was really hard for me to rank them, cause I like them all alot. I would have liked to hear more EP's from the year, but I'm satisfied with the three I've got.I liked the ones from Trap Them, Cynic, Torche and Mouth of the Architect to varying degrees as well, but most of those aren't your cup of tea, I'm sure.

12-23-2010, 01:15 PM
I liked the ones from Trap Them, Cynic, Torche and Mouth of the Architect to varying degrees as well, but most of those aren't your cup of tea, I'm sure.

I like Cynic, but ultimately decided I didn't care enough to buy the EP. Trap Them sounds like something I'd be into as well.

06-28-2011, 10:26 AM
I got too lazy to keep working on this :eyes:

Anyways, I just now finished my Top 20 List for 2010, because at this point I don't care to do all 40 or whatever.

Here's my list:

20. Hour of Penance - Paradogma
Brutal Death Metal from Greece. These guys are as heavy as can be. This is a sheer blast attack the whole way through. You can tell they took alot of influence from Morbid Angel and Behemoth. This album killed my car speakers, seriously.

Favorites: Paradogma, Thousands of Christs, Incestuous Dynasty of Worms, Caged into Falsehood

19. Barren Earth - Curse of the Red River
Barren Earth is a Finnish "supergroup" featuring members of Amorphis, Swallow the Sun, Kreator, and Moonsorrow. It basically has the same vibe that alot of those bands have, but creates its own progressive/folk feel. The songs are beautiful at times, and just downright heavy at others.

Favorites: Flicker, Our Twilight, The Ritual of Dawn, Ere All Perish, Curse of the Red River

18. Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
What can I say that hasn't already been said? While I don't think this one is as good as Brave New World or AMoLaD, I think it's a very solid offering. It has an interesting feel to it that Maiden has never had, I think, and the songs are all pretty memorable.

Favorites: Starblind, When the Wild Wind Blows, Coming Home

17. Weapon - From the Devil's Tomb
Black/thrash/death from Canada. Not too much to say about this one other than it's just thrashin' piece of black/death metal. Highly recommended for fans of the genres.

Favorites: Sardonyx, Furor Divinus, Vest in Surplice and the Violet Stole, From the Devil's Tomb

16. Ghost - Opus Eponymous
Satanic pop/rock/metal. Sounds good to me. While this one didn't grab me at first, the groove eventually won me over. I like the 'danceable', fun feeling on this record. I always find myself yelling the words to this when I'm jamming to it in the car, it's just so catchy.

Favorites: Ritual, Stand By Him, Elizabeth

15. Acid Witch - Stoned
This one is just pure tripped out, stoner/death-doom/kick ass rockin' fun. The riffs crunch along to create death/doom-rock heaviness, with some of the deepest vocals imaginable soaring on top. Some of the stuff on this is so brilliant it's ridiculous.

Favorites: If Hell Exists, Live Forever, Stoned to the Grave, really the whole album.

14. Darkthrone - Circle the Wagons
Darkthrone, the self proclaimed "World's Most Hated Band", continue in their metal/punk direction with Circle the Wagons, and I have not one complaint. The classic metal vibe mixed with the crust punk influence and ever so talented voices of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto compliment each other very well.

Favorites: I Am the Working Class, Those Treasures Will Never Befall You, Eyes Burst At Dawn, I Am the Graves of the 80's, Circle the Wagons

13. Alcest - Ecailles de Lune
French Shoegaze/Post-rock/black metal. Beautiful, serene, peaceful, tranquil, desolate, lonely, winter. All words that come to mind when I think of this album. The six songs on the album flow flawlessly, and keep the listener captivated through the whole thing.

Favorites: Percees de Lumiere, Ecailles de Lune Part 1, Ecailles de Lune Part 2

12. Lightning Swords of Death - The Extra Dimensional Wound
Definitely one of the heavier black metal albums I've heard. The bottom end on this is just massive. LSoD's brand of blackened death metal is thick, crunching and bludgeoning. Vocalist Autarch has some of the best vocals in the current black metal scene, and bassist Menno is an absolute monster. This album incorporates all different kinds of black metal influence, such as Bathory/Celtic Frost influence, second wave, and black/death such as Blasphemy and Behemoth, and combines it all really well.

Favorites: Damnation Pentastrike, Invoke the Desolate One, Paths to Chaos, Nihilistic Stench, once again, really the whole damn album.

11. Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR
A Progressive/Folk Metal masterpiece from Israeli band Orphaned Land. This is a long one, as it clocks in at over an hour, but throughout the hour the listener is carried on a middle-eastern adventure, set forth by the epic arrangements and varying moods that pass through the songs on this album. The softer moments are all emotional, and the heavy moments speak loud. Looking forward to see what these guys are doing in the future.

Favorites: From Broken Vessels, The Path - Treading Through Darkness, The Path Pt. 2 - The Pilgrimage to Or Shalem, The Warrior, Barakah

10. Blind Guardian - At the Edge of Time
I'm no power metal fan, but I've always loved Blind Guardian. Something about their 'technical', progressive, yet thrashy, epic and emotional nature has always connected with me well, and continued to do the same with this release. The symphony (or whatever) is very prominent on this one too. Just thinking about the massive chorus of Sacred Worlds makes me want to give it a spin right now.

Favorites: Tanelorn (Into the Void), Ride into Obsession, Wheel of Time, A Voice in the Dark

9. High on Fire - Snakes for the Divine
Another blistering effort from the mighty High on Fire. I don't really know how else to describe this album, but I'm sure you all get the point. It fucking rocks.

Favorites: Bastard Samurai, Snakes for the Divine, How Dark We Pray, Frost Hammer

8. Cough - Ritual Abuse
In the past year I really got into doom, and after checking out alot of stuff in the current Doom scene these days, Cough take the cake for one being one of the best. I could say that they sound like a mix between older Electric Wizard and Burning Witch. The instruments and the tortured screams/clean vocals make all the songs absolutely monumental and evokes a feeling of hopelessness at points. Definitely worth checking out.

Favorites: A Year in Suffering, Crooked Spine, Crippled Wizard

7. Ihsahn - After
This was the first album I checked out in 2010, and it was a good one to start with. The new song structure and progressive natures of Ihsahn could potentially make this Ihsahn's masterpiece. At times it's very emotional and mystical. The presence of the saxophone is very intriguing, as well.

Favorites: After, Undercurrent, Frozen Lakes on Mars, On the Shore

6. Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones
Metal God Tom G. Warrior returns with what is arguably one of his greatest works ever. Eparistera picks up right where Celtic Frost's doom metal masterpiece Monotheist left off, but is instead even more dark and massive.

Favorites: Abyss Within My Soul, The Prolonging, Goetia, A Thousand Lies, Desecendant

5. Electric Wizard - Black Masses
My favorite doom band, Electric Wizard, have done something very incredible with Black Masses. Deep down it still contains the classic Wizard sound, but has a vintage 70's rock vibe to it. A vibe that is so dark and menacing, while it's rockin' and trippy.

Favorites: Patterns of Evil, Turn Off Your Mind, Venus in Furs, Satyr IX

4. The Sword - Warp Riders
This album was my introduction to The Sword, and a fine one at that. This album is so progressive, and so doomy, yet it's still rock'n'roll as fuck. The Sword provides the listener with a trip through space most rockin' way possible.

3. Nachtmystium - Addicts: Black Meddle Part II
When this came out, I was a casual Nachtmystium fan. I loved Assassins and was highly anticipating the sequel. Before it came out, I knew it was going to be weird as hell, but when it did I was absolutely floored, and not long after I was 'addicted'. This one barely sounds anything like their previous work, sans the core Nachtmystium sound. Punk, industrial and psychadelic influences are present here more than ever. To me this album just evokes the feeling of addiction, the helplessness, the self destruction, the hope, and the sorrow that comes with it. I still listen to this all the time.

Favorites: Addicts, High on Hate, No Funeral, Nightfall, Every Last Drop, Ruined Life Continuum, Blood Trance Fusion

2. Watain - Lawless Darkness
Watain really hit the nail on the head with this one. This is nearly an hour of pure Black Metal right here. From the opening note of Death's Cold Dark to the closing solo of Waters of Ain, there's not a single flaw. A modern Black Metal masterpiece, in my eyes.

Favorites: Total Funeral, Malfeitor, Reaping Death, Hymn to Quayin, Four Thrones

1. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
Enslaved are one of my favorite bands, so there was absolutely no debating that this was my number one album of the year since the minute it was released. There was a solid month or two where this was the only thing I'd listen to, and I'm still in love with it. On Axioma we see Enslaved moving a little bit away from the sound on Vertebrae, and a little bit back to the ways of Below the Lights, while incorporating some new progressive elements, of course. As the album goes on, things just get more and more epic until the masterpiece of a finale that is Lightening. While this isn't really my favorite Enslaved album, it had no problem earning it's place among the ranks of Isa, Below the Lights, and Frost. Enslaved can do no wrong in my eyes.

Favorites: The whole damn album.
1. Ethica Odini
2. Raidho
3. Waruun
4. The Beacon
5. Axioma
6. Giants
7. Singular
8. Night Sight
9. Lightening

Don't worry Nat, at least you didn't wait as long as I did ;)

06-28-2011, 09:27 PM
2010 EP Rankings

No Fleshgod Apocalypse? :confused:

06-28-2011, 10:23 PM
No Fleshgod Apocalypse? :confused:

That was one of the couple albums I never got around to hearing last year. I do like them, though.

06-28-2011, 10:29 PM
That was one of the couple albums I never got around to hearing last year. I do like them, though.

Since you liked Hour of Penance's Paradogma, I would imagine you would like Mafia too. Those were my two favorite releases from last year.

06-29-2011, 07:52 PM
While this isn't really my favorite Enslaved album, it had no problem earning it's place among the ranks of Isa, Below the Lights, and Frost.

Are you implying you aren't a huge fan of Vertebrae? Because that's my favorite Enslaved album, and one of my favorite albums of all time.

06-29-2011, 08:06 PM
Are you implying you aren't a huge fan of Vertebrae? Because that's my favorite Enslaved album, and one of my favorite albums of all time.

I love Vertebrae, but I love the other ones I listed too. Dunno, it just didn't come right off the top of my head I guess ;)