View Full Version : The Hangmen -- West Hollywood, CA -- November 27th, 2010

11-28-2010, 10:53 AM
No real headliner, Little Caesar was added at the last minute, only found out a few hours before when I went looking for more info. The Hangmen had the biggest crowd.

Good show, Bryan says last show until they have enough material for a new album. Ron's guitar wasn't loud enough though so I would rank it third of the 3 shows I saw this year. The sound was super clean/crisp but not sure that sort of mix really compliments their sound too well.

THE HANGMEN (50 mins)

01. Last Drive
02. The Devil
03. Desperation Town
04. Rotten Sunday
05. Blue Light
06. Train
07. Drink, Smoke, Meth, Dope (?? - new song)
08. Downtown
09. Bent
10. Railroad Man (new song)
11. I Need To Know (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
12. Coal Mine
13. Walking In The Woods
14. Blood Red


They were really good, first time seeing them since 1990 at the Hollywood Palladium opening for Faster Pussycat. The soundman tried to cut their time, Ron sorta flipped out ("You mean I jacked myself all the way over here for 30 mins." "Everyone gets 30 mins" "We were told 45" holding his phone up "I have the email right here'). They ended up playing the whole list except I Wish It Would Rain

01. Drive It Home
02. Loving You Is Killing Me
03. Down-N-Dirty
04. Supersonic
05. Hard Times
06. Redemption
07. Sick And Tired
08. Rock-N-Roll State Of Mind
09. Real Rock Drive
10. Chain Of Fools