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Travis The Dragon
11-21-2010, 05:56 PM
It's official: The lineup of DISTURBED's fifth "Music As A Weapon" tour will feature co-headliners KORN alongside "special guests" IN THIS MOMENT and SEVENDUST. Tickets for the first leg of the tour are going on sale this weekend, with the first 1,000 tickets from each show being sold at a $5 discount.

"Music As A Weapon V" billing:


"Every year we try to up the ante, and this year, by having KORN co-headline, we really think it's going to be our best tour yet," DISTURBED frontman David Draiman said in statement. "When the idea first came up, one of the main things both bands agreed upon and wanted to focus on was hitting a lot of smaller markets. It's exciting to bring a show like this to cities that are usually skipped over on some of the other larger rock tours that only hit the major markets. We have a lot of loyal fans in these cities and we wanted to bring them a show that they deserve."

Both DISTURBED and KORN will bring a full production on the 45-date tour, the full details of which are expected to be announced on November 29.

"We both agreed that as cool as those types of tours are, they usually only hit major markets, and we both agreed that a lot of our fans just don't live in those cities, etc. ... we thought it would be cool to team up, put a big show together and hit every great place that those big tours never get to," KORN frontman Jonathan Davis stated. "Besides all that, with us and DISTURBED together, doing full shows with full production ... all I can say is it's on!"

"Music As A Weapon V" first batch of cities (more shows to be announced):

* Bloomington, IL
* Des Moines, IA
* Rockford, IL
* Hershey, PA
* Rochester, NY
* West Long Branch, NJ
* Glens Falls, NY
* Norfolk, VA
* Morgantown, WV
* Uncasville, CT
* Portland, ME
* Atlantic City, NJ
* Winston-Salem, NC
* Fayetteville, NC
* Nashville, TN
* Biloxi, MS
* Corpus Christi, TX
* San Antonio, TX
* McAllen, TX
* Lubbock, TXSOURCE (http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=149742)

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Travis The Dragon
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