View Full Version : The Breathing Process -- Toronto, Ontario -- October 23rd, 2010

10-24-2010, 10:17 AM
Pretty much a halloween show, even though not many ppl were dressed up. I got there when TBP was supposed to go on, but of course all the local bands went past their set times, cuz all the kids there were only there for them, just being drunk and stupid, and didnt even stay till the end. In the Act of Violence opened, they're decent. TBP didn't have like 2 of their members, including John the singer, I guess he moved on or whatever, or they had border issues. New singer is James. But whatever, they finally went on and killed it, I met Sara, the new guitarist, she's super nice and fine as hell:) At first I didn't know what to expect of her, but she can actually shred. I was hoping for more of the first album, but they have a new one out, and with limited resources, they can't really go beyond what they know for the tour. It was pretty awesome overall.

Pantheon Unraveling
The Harvesting

10-27-2010, 03:56 PM
Holy fuck, can't believe I missed TBP in Montreal last Sunday.

They should have been great, can't expect less. Their two albums were killer.

The setlist seems short, but good choices of songs.