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Skinny Juice
10-24-2010, 09:26 AM
Dope - Casper, WY - 10/23/10
Opening bands: Lost Autumn, Minerva & a bunch of garbage I won't mention
The Casper Events Center - 100.5 KTED Massacre-Raid

Going in to this show, I was really excited to see what Dope's setlist would be. The band isn't on tour and hasn't played a show in quite some time. This show was a one-off show for Casper's Pure Rock radio station, KTED 100.5's Halloween Party ("Halloween Massacre-Raid").

The show had three garbage opening bands that didn't fit the bill at all. Local rich guys in crappy bands jacking-off because they're the ones with the $ to fly Dope up for a one-off gig. The good bands were Minerva from Gillette, WY & Lost Autumn from Rapid City, SD. They both played shortened sets due to the earlier bands playing painfully-long sets, which is a shame.

Dope hit the stage around 10:45 or so. The set was as follows:

Bring It On
No Way Out
Now or Never
Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)
Die Boom Bang Burn Fuck medley*
You Spin Me 'Round (Dead or Alive Cover)

*Die Boom Bang Burn Fuck was a mash-up medley of Die MF Die, I'm Back, Burn, & Fuck The Police that was on No Regrets.

For me, it was a very very short set. No Debonaire, Pig Society, Slipping Away, or Always? They spent a lot of time chatting about how drunk they were and how their bassist cried on national TV as a contestant on Daisy of Love. That was probably 15 minutes of the set. I'd like to catch Dope playing a show they actually give a shit about playing. This was my 1st time and I expected a lot more for a headlining set.

Since the show was a Massacre-Raid (Masquerade), it was a costume contest and everyone was encouraged to show up in costume. I went to the show in my banana suit and it went over quite well. I had a drunk concert-goer pay me $40 to stand next to a guy in a gorilla costume and take a picture. My ticket was free since I work at KTED. If I had traveled and paid for the show, I would've been disappointed. But it was fun and I made $40 for being a banana, so it was all good.

10-24-2010, 03:25 PM
this band is still around?

10-24-2010, 03:54 PM
Bring It

You mean Bring It On?

anyway, not a very great set from them. not bad, but not geat, your right, missing a lot of good songs