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10-17-2010, 08:58 PM
1. Loose Cannon
2. Can U Deliver
3. Nervous Man
4. Head On
5. Left Hook from Right Field
6. Creepy Feelings
7. Last Train Home :D:D:D:D:rocker:
8. La Raza
9. Tribal Dance
10. False Alarm
11. Raising Fear
12. March of the Saint
13. Chilled
14. Reign of Fire
15. Mad House

The very best metal concert I have ever been to. Better than Iron Maiden, better than Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, Kreator, Overkill, Exodus, all of them. I am not counting Sleep because that was such a different experience. At Sleep I didn't bang my head once, I simply let the band (and the weed :light:) take me to another place altogether.

Before the show started I ran into Joey Vera and Gonzo Sandoval at the door. They were set to do an autograph signing, but decided to move to after the show. They were very gracious and apologized for the reschedule. Joey then told me how cool it was that I had a vinyl LP of their new album, La Raza, to sign. We then talked music production and how he did the album in analog for most of the process. Very, very cool guy.

The openers were uniformly uninteresting for their own reasons. The first one, Silent Sinner, is a local San Jose, CA neo-thrash band. Think a second-rate Warbringer. They didn't have a true thrash rhythm like the greats. Their songs would just be mid-tempo riffing, and turn into blast-beats for fast sections. Their bassist was pretty talented, and their guitarist and drummer did their job alright. (Again, the drummer really does need to learn the true value of a simple 2/4 boom-chick-boom-chick beat). The singer sounded like a ripoff of John Gallagher from Raven and Zetro from Exodus, no originality. Their sound was way too loud, and muddy as hell. This band has potential, but they don't know how to lock in that true thrash sound.

The next band, Imagika, was another local band (seeing a pattern here?) that didn't really go anywhere. Once again, they were a kind of mid-tempo thrash band with a lot of really nu-metal riffs. Unlike Silent Sinner though, these guys have been around for a while, and apparently have quite a few albums to their name. Their singer sounded like a Tim "Ripper" Owens clone, but with rougher screams. Apparently it was this guy's last show with the band and he took the time to thank everyone, and right as he said that the emcee told him time was up and they had to go (Earlier, Silent Sinner had taken the stage twenty minutes late). After repeated cries of "Bullshit!" from the audience, the emcee gave them the okay to do one more, and the band happily ripped through one last song. Even though I didn't like them, I was happy to see fans really supported a band they liked, and that guy having his last show end the way he deserved to have it end.

I have little to describe of the last (you guessed it, local!) opener, Bomb and Scary. I will say this though.


They were all dressed up in orange NASA astronaut outfits, their drummer had some weirdass monster mask, they put up a crucified lifesize clown doll on stage, and their singer dressed like King Diamond, but fatter, clownier and dude actually walked around the venue before and after his set in his makeup and ridiculous outfit. During their set, some guy in a demented clown outfit went ran around the floor giving audiences "goody bags" filled with silly string cans. Audience members and King Fatdiamond proceeded to spray each other with silly string at random times. IT WAS STRANGE. Their songs were all industrial metal and some had creepy rapist clown themes. They brought the singer from Imagika to sing a song with them, but it still sucked nonetheless. But their was one upside to them playing that night...

My buddy Patrick ran into the bassist after their set and congratulated her on the performance. She saw his Exodus shirt and asked him if he wanted to meet FUCKING ZETRO. :rocker::rocker:Dude found me and my other friend Dylan and we followed this lady all over the venue in search of Zetro. We finally found him...two feet in front of where we were standing during the concert! Zetro was way cool, we talked about Exodus, the new album (he actually praised it!), doing duets with Paul Baloff back in the day, the tour Exodus did with Armored Saint and Helloween in 1989, and the awesomeness of Symbol of Salvation. He said he knows that all the fans want him back, and he said he'll join Exodus as soon as Gary Holt gives him a call.

Unfortunately I've run into Gary Holt three times over last summer, and the most recent time I talked to him, he has no intention of bringing Zetro back. He's still really bitter over Zetro leaving right before a big South American tour, and said he'd only call him if something happened to Rob. On a brighter note, Zetro said he'd love to get on stage with Exodus even just for the Toxic Waltz again for more times in the future, and I don't think Gary is still butthurt enough to oppose that. I've now met a member of Exodus at four shows over the last 3 months. I'm bringing my Fabulous Disaster LP cover and a sharpie to every metal concert I go to from now on. :lol:

Alright, now it was time for Armored Saint. The blasted right open with Loose Cannon, and even though they had a few mic whistling issues, they fixed them almost right away. John Bush sounded simply perfect and even hit all his little vocal tics just like the albums. In my humble opinion, he sounds better than he did in the 80s and 90s. His voice has got this real deep sound and natural light rasp that he didn't have back then. And they did my favorite Saint song ever, Last Train Home!! From one Indian metalhead who loves Armored Saint to another, I have to very respectfully say-


I was hanging in the back with my dad for most of the show, but I bolted to the front for that song and sang my lungs out. I yelled the words to almost every song. John made some pretty funny jokes about MTV and interacted with the people at the front a few times. John talked about the old days, and then some fan yelled something I couldn't hear to which he replied "Yes, I had hair then!" which brought a few laughs. The solos were spot on, and the sound mix was simply perfect. The band brought out their drum tech on congas for La Raza and Tribal Dance, which lent a real cool vibe to those songs, especially Tribal Dance. I went to the floor again for March of the Saint and pumped my fist and banged my head like there was no tomorrow. When the encore started, and Chilled began, I was sad about no Reign of Fire and returned to my dad and my friend from earlier, Dylan. I like Chilled, but it ain't Reign of fucking Fire. But then, I heard that opening riff and I (this is true) leaped way high and punched the air like I just ran a marathon. My dad thought I was on drugs. I once again returned to the floor and jumped up and down, headbanged, air-guitared, fist pumped, devil horned and shouted the words like there was no tomorrow. When John announced that Mad House was the last song of the night, I stayed on the floor and gave my last bits of energy for going nuts. By the way, Mad House live DESTROYS the album version completely.

So show was over, and the band came out to sign autographs. Joey remembered me from earlier and checked out my LP cover of La Raza before signing it. Apparently he had never seen the vinyl version of the new album before! :lol: I then talked to John, Gonzo and Phil about the sound quality of vinyl, and hearing the album on a killer sound system. We then talked about Dylan and I covering March of the Saint acoustically for an open-mic run by my high school, and they seemed to enjoy knowing kids were spreading the music. They all were so nice, and they made my day so much cooler by being so friendly and personable. Other bands take note, THAT is how you treat your fans!

So yeah, opening bands sucked, saw Armored Saint play a concert with every song I could ask for done and I met Zetro and all of the band and actually talked at length with them instead of stupid 1000 dollar meet and greet style hand-shakes then take off thing. Pretty awesome day in the life of a 17 year old Indian metalhead.

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs786.snc4/66649_1682688589579_1308511375_31891785_2313935_n. jpg
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10-17-2010, 09:02 PM
Zetro said he'd love to get on stage with Exodus even just for the Toxic Waltz again

Oh man, I mean. Do I really need that? I've already seen it once, I dunno if I'd want to see it again ;)

10-17-2010, 09:08 PM
You sir, suck.

10-18-2010, 08:05 AM
Nice review. Very good set from Armored Saint, they covered everything pretty well with it. They're one of those bands i'm never gonna see live though since all they do is seem to work the west coast and that's it. So, i've accepted the fact that they're never gonna come around my parts at all since they're essentially a local band in California now.

10-18-2010, 03:58 PM
I would love to see AS again. It's been way too long. My only complaint is not enough from Revelations!

bobbie solo
10-18-2010, 08:54 PM
please tour dudes! now that john isnt with anthrax im afraid ill never see him live again!

Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
10-18-2010, 09:03 PM
It's been about ten years since I last saw them on the Revelations tour. I'd definitely go see them again.

I've seen them 3 times.

'86 opening for Saxon
'87 Hell on Wheels tour w/ Grim Reaper and Helloween
'00 Revelations Tour

10-19-2010, 06:05 AM
I hope they can get another new album out maybe next year. Coming out with new stuff consistantly will help their chances of getting a national tour going. Having a new album once every ten years like they've done with the last two doesn't help the cause at all.