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10-10-2010, 05:09 PM
I'm not a huge MRH fan, but I know seeing bands live usually gets me into them. So my buddies and I drove 3 hours and waited in line for 2 hours before the doors opened. Only about 5 people ahead of us which is good considering I always have to be front row :)

There was a local band there, but I don't even remember their name so I won't bother posting much about them. Koheleth was the opening band on the tour so it began, and I have to say that I was impressed from the start! I talked to the guitarist after the show, and they've only been together since March, and already on a tour! To me they were like Lamb of God and Goatwhore mixed, but on a much smaller scale. Very catchy riffs, awesome vocals... keep an eye out on this band! You probably won't be able to find their music anywhere (not even on metal-archives) but here's their set:

1) River
2) Abstract
3) Burn In Hell
4) Full Circle
5) Aloner
6) Sins

*Note* "Burn In Hell" is not a Twisted Sister cover.

The next band was Stygian. I wasn't too impressed by them at all (maybe had something to do with the fact that the band before them were much heavier), but they did play a decent Pantera cover of "Revolution Is My Name" :rocker: and that's all I know of their set. You might like them if your super big into a Metallica type of sound.

After Stygian was Final Trigger. From their looks I thought it would be similar to Hatebreed, and in a way it kinda was. However, they had their own original sound which made me really enjoy them. Very cool guys to talk to if you can meet them.

Now... Mushroomhead:

1) Come On
3) 1200 :rocker:
4) SDR
5) Save Us :rocker:
6) 43
7) Kill
8) KM
9) Twink :rocker:
10) Stone
11) Wuzyo
12) The Doubt
13) Burn The Bridge :rocker:
14) Floyd
15) Born

Overall MRH did a great job! A set of 15 songs but some how managed to play in just a little over an hour. Well worth seeing!

10-10-2010, 05:14 PM
I'm planning on going to this on Friday. I'll try to make it in early to check out Koheleth.