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09-02-2010, 06:57 AM
Audio samples of all tracks that are set to appear on "Babez For Breakfast", the upcoming fifth studio album from Finnish heavy metal monsters LORDI, can be streamed at Amazon.de.

"Babez For Breakfast" will be released on September 14 in the U.S., September 15 in Europe and on October 27 in Japan. The CD was recorded in early 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee with highly regarded producer Michael Wagener, who has produced albums for artists as varied as OZZY OSBOURNE, ALICE COOPER and JANET JACKSON and mixed METALLICA's classic "Master of Puppets".

"Babez For Breakfast" track listing:

01. SCG5: It's A Boy! (1:21)
02. Babez For Breakfast (3:29)
03. This Is Heavy Metal (2:59)
04. Rock Police (3:57)
05. Discoevil (3:49)
06. Call Off The Wedding (3:31)
07. I Am Bigger Than You (3:04)
08. ZombieRawkMachine (3:42)
09. Midnite Lover (3:20)
10. Give Your Life For Rock And Roll (3:54)
11. Nonstop Nite (3:56)
12. Amen's Lament To Ra (0:32)
13. Loud And Loaded (3:15)
14. Granny's Gone Crazy (3:55)
15. Devil's Lullaby (3:42)

"Call Off The Wedding" was written with Jeremy Rubolinoga and Bruce Kulick (KISS) over a five-day period that Mr. Lordi spent in Hollywood, California. Guitar riffs were recorded in Los Angeles. Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER) is a special guest on "Granny's Gone Crazy".

"This Is Heavy Metal", the new video from LORDI, can be viewed below. A higher-quality version of the clip is available at Metal-Hammer.de.

"This Is Heavy Metal" is available for just .69 through all digital providers, including The Omega Order, and features cover art created by LORDI mainman Mr. Lordi.

"I wanted to paint a picture which at the same time crystallizes something of the essence that is of '80s metal and also as pays a visual tribute to many of our own idols of that era," commented Mr. Lordi. "So, to be able to fit them all in, I created a Frankenstein monster made out of bits and pieces of members of TWISTED SISTER, KISS, W.A.S.P. and ALICE COOPER, to name only a few."

He continued, "The song itself is written in the same train of thought and appreciation. I wanted to write a song that is heavy metal according to LORDI. The riff should sound familiar from the first second you hear it and you should be able to sing along the chorus already when it comes out the second time.

"Most of our favorite bands come from the U.S., with only few exceptions.

"Someone once said that LORDI must be the most American band in Finland. I think that is quite correct.

"The whole concept of our band, both musically and visually, is heavily influenced by American pop culture, comics, horror films and music."

LORDI debuted "This Is Heavy Metal" during the band's headlining appearance at this year's Gods of Metal festival, which took place June 25-27 in Torino, Italy.



09-02-2010, 02:16 PM
I can't be the only person who enjoys this band. Somewhere out there, others must exsist.

09-02-2010, 03:15 PM
Lordi really sucks