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08-25-2010, 06:30 AM
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: August 24th, 2010
Tour: Fury and Flames Final Run

Ok, first off the audience at a Hate Eternal show on a Tuesday night in Atlanta is made up of only 20 die-hard metal fans. Unfortunately the turnout was pathetic and more people should have been there to see this line-up.

First up was Order of Ennead. This band is amazing on both CDís and they didnít disappoint with their live performance. They played a mix of songs from both CDís and were a big surprise:D to the everyone there that hadnít heard of them before. Steve Asheim and Kevin Quirion (Both of whom are from Deicide) helped clench this bands tight sound and great performance. I also got to meet and get pics with Steve and Kevin.

Dismantling an Empire
Seeking the Prophets
Reflection, an Endless Endeavor
The Concept of Our Extinction
...In the Mirror
A Portal to Rapture
The Scriptures of Purification
As Long as I Have Myself I Am Not Alone:rocker:
The Culling

Next was Cannabis Corpse. I thought this band was going to be gimmicky and unprofessional. Man was I wrong, they were great performers and played amazingly. They also had their ďWeedmonsterĒ running around the pit and headbanging along with everyone. These guys surprised me on how good they were for a that derives everything from Cannibal Corpse songs.

Blunted at Birth
Sentenced to Burn One
Fucked With Northern Lights
Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red
Mummified in Bong Water
Reefer Stashed Place
Skull Full Of Bong Hits
I Will Smoke You
I Cum Bud

Finally was the Almighty Hate Eternal and they slayed beyond expectations. Erik growling with that huge mouth he has and playing that guitar like a master. Iím glad I got to see this band headline because there performance last year on the Decimation of the Nation Tour w/ Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse was awful because they opened and their set was so short and because they were first they were the guinea pigs of the soundboard which made them sound horrible. But this time everything was perfect and spot on.

Hell Envenom
Whom Gods May Destroy
Praise of the Almighty
Behold Judas
Powers That Be
Sacrilege of Hate
Bringer of Storms:rocker:
Fury And Flames
The Victorious Reign
Servants of the Gods
I, Monarch:rocker:
Tombeau (Le Tombeau de la Fureur et des Flammes)
King of All Kings:rocker:

After the show i stood outside for 45 minutes waiting on Erik to come out to their van to get a pic with him. But in the end it was worth the wait and the perfect thing to end a great night.

Order of Ennead 9/10
Cannabis Corpse 8.5/10
Hate Eternal 9.5/10

08-25-2010, 12:39 PM
No more Catacombs! :(

Good set otherwise.

08-25-2010, 02:14 PM
the audience at a Hate Eternal show on a Tuesday night in Atlanta is made up of only 20 die-hard metal fans.


08-25-2010, 03:11 PM
I would like to see Hate Eternal again. I like them on disc quite a bit but when I saw them last year with Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse they weren't very good at all.

08-25-2010, 04:58 PM
hm, Cannabis Corpse openening thats pretty rad. Wish I could see Hate Eternal live, was not going to bother with the Hatebreed/Cannibal tour though.

Next time around!