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08-20-2010, 12:54 AM
***I will preface this buy saying not all people that work for the highway department are dicks and worthless. I apologize if anyone on here works for highway department or know someone who is. That is my spoiler if you will.***

Sadly b/c of the wonderful OK Highway Department making the highways "safe" we pretty much missed all of Baroness. The person I went w/ got pulled over for speeding. This dickhead goes to the passenger side (my side) and while he is there I'm going to get some gatorade that was laying on the floorboard, dude grabs my hand and says "don't reach under the seat, I don't want to have to shoot you". I'm fucking serious. Goddamn that motherfucker needs to be shot while he's on duty. I digress... And literally 5-6 minutes later got pulled over again b/c another cop said that she did not get into the other lane b/c the 2nd cop had someone pulled over and just gave her a warning. So yea b/c of those failboats we were there for literally the last 3 minutes of Baroness which sucks because I wanted to give them another shot b/c the first time or 2 I wasn't terribly impressed but wanted to try them out again. I'm sure they will turn up again sometime. My venting is now over now. Thanks for letting me get that out.

Now onto the positive. I was excited b/c this was the first time I got to see them headline a club/theater show as opposed to seeing them in a larger festival-type atomosphere (Family Values/Summer Sanitarium). I know that years ago it was a toss up if Chino was going to be too hungover/strung out/whatever else... Chino looks so much better now than he did even 3 years ago last I saw him. He has lost alot of weight since last I saw them. I was very satisfied w/ their set for the most part. The 7-8 new songs might have been a little much. And of course the song I love most off their new album they didn't play (Cmnd/Ctrl). I love their new album but there are alot of those songs that don't translate as well live and kind of brings the crowd down a little. I'm unsure of their opener but felt very cheated b/c alot of this tour they have opened up w/ "Hexagram" but sadly they did not. Initially I was curious of Sergio Vega but I was over that fast he holds his own for Chi, and full of energy. I was very impressed with him. The crowd was very much full of d bags tonight. I would say alot of kids can't hold their (weak) Oklahoma beer. Alot of unnecessary fighting and jawing going back and forth. I hate it so bad when somebody leaves the pit/area close to stage leave to get beer and then comeback trying to get that same spot all while holding 3 beers. That put a damper on some of my experience. Wish Stephen would have came to my side, neither him or Sergio moved from either side of their stage. I was incredibly impressed how good Stephen actually is, I probably take that part of the Deftones for granted. All band members were hot tonight. The set I've got on here is probably like 85-90% correct and order is probably pretty accurate. If/when I get corrected set I will change what I've got on here.

Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates
Beauty School
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Dai The Flu
Around the Fur
Needles And Pins
Hole In The Earth
You've Seen The Butcher
Digital Bath
Change (In The House Of Flies)
Engine No. 9
7 Words

Great show. The experiences before leave alot to be desired but thats ok I'm over it. Can't wait for BlackDiamondSkye!!!!

Link for pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=34329&id=1683488038&l=757ff56cc8

Fires Of Sedition
08-20-2010, 12:57 AM
Yeah....Oklahoma likes fucking roads up that didn't really have anything wrong with them. Not that I could notice, anyway.

08-20-2010, 12:59 AM
No shit. Understatement of the night. Luckily it only took us like 15-20 mins to find the right detour/exit to get home. I'm not big on moral victories but I will take this one for sure.

Fires Of Sedition
08-20-2010, 01:09 AM
I get lost in Tulsa almost every fucking time I go there. I hate that place...and I might be moving there soon.

08-20-2010, 01:16 AM
I don't find Tulsa that difficult. I've been going through there for awhile but yea there are a few places that are just absolutely impossible to navigate, let alone tryin to do it in the dark.

Fires Of Sedition
08-20-2010, 01:53 AM
I don't find Tulsa that difficult. I've been going through there for awhile but yea there are a few places that are just absolutely impossible to navigate, let alone tryin to do it in the dark.

You live in Missouri where zero of the roads make sense and even GPS devices get lost, though. ;)

Dominicus 1988
08-20-2010, 02:17 AM
Sextape live is a awesome experience. :D

08-20-2010, 10:38 AM
Sextape live is a awesome experience. :D

I bet. That song has so much feeling and emotion and I'm not a big feelin/emotion guy. Great setlist. A few of my favorites missing but talk about getting your moneys worth...