View Full Version : KISS Army -- Springfield, IL -- August 14th, 2010

08-15-2010, 11:11 AM
They were very good, having seen other tribute bands before who represent the same era of KISS they do (the 75 costumes, moves, and stage set) I wasn't all that impressed. I'm very picky when it comes to this stuff so maybe that hurts the review. For one they took a very long time between songs, at first I thought it was they were switching guitars but it appeared they were using the same guitars the whole night. They were some sound issues during the first half of Deuce the snare drum was down and the Paul's guitar was higher than everything else in the mix so maybe that's why it took a while to get from Deuce to Strutter. But it was this way after every song....something even the non die hard fans in the crowd didn't seem to like.

The individual performances were actually very good and tight, the Gene is a very good Bass player and does a decent job of mimicking that 70's Gene growl that we all love, the Paul sounded really good - one of the best if not the best when it comes to sounding like him. He pronounced a few words in Strutter a little odd and his real accent showed up a lot but I can't fault him for that lol. The Ace is Val Popovic who is often said to be the best Ace imitation out there and he showed it last night, every solo was note for note and he even sounded like him doing backup vocals and when they played Shock Me. The Peter was a good drummer, the drum solo was pretty sweet and a highlight for me. The vocals were also very good.


Got To Choose
Calling Dr. Love
Let Me Go Rock N Roll
Nothin' To Lose
Ladies Room
Shock Me
Shout It Out Loud
God Of Thunder
Detroit Rock City
Rock And Roll All Nite

The set tended to be casual fan friendly which is to be expected for a big crowd. It was nice of them to still throw the die hards a bone with Ladies Room which was done very well I may add. The set didn't flow all to great but I blame that on the in between songs pause. As soon as Rock And Roll All Nite ending a shit load of fireworks went off which scared the hell out of everybody because it was the first pyro used all night

The Journey band the opened for them was very very very good, at times I would question if he was lip-syncing because he to my ears sounded a lot like Steve Perry. The drummer used a nice little double bass pedal and was very talented, their set was pretty sweet. Mostly hits with a few unknowns to me (I consider myself a casual Journey fan) and even the Steve Perry solo hit "Oh Sherry" and the crowd sang a lot with their hits and the crowd seemed very into them and for good reasons they put on a hell of a show and if you ask me were the best band of the night, not taken away from KISS Army because they put on a great show but I was overall more entertained with the Journey band. It was bizarre as hell seeing them with the KISS logo behind them though

Their set was: (This might be out of order)

Where Were You
Wheel In The Sky
Ask The Lonely
Stone In Love
Open Arms
Send Her My Love
Oh Sherry
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
Don't Stop Believing
Anyway You Want It