View Full Version : Cynic -- Philadelphia, PA -- August 7th, 2010

08-08-2010, 10:35 AM
I don't know why but there was another band listed to play named Nasadaa unfortunately I missed them because i arrived there late but just in time for dysrhythmia

Dysrhyrhmia was really good I figured any band opening for cynic would have to be and I was right

Intronaut was amazing I don't know what songs they played but they did this dual drum solo at the end that was beyond good

Cynic was next I started screaming or wooooooooing or whatever you wanna call it like 10 minutes before they came on and I was doing my happy dance too ^_^ they played focus then they Paul by himself played integral off retraced it was beautiful
nunc fluens
the space for this
evolutionary sleeper
king of those who know
wheels within wheels
Adams murmur
integral birth
this was hands down the best show ive ever been to and ive been to a lot of shows maybe I'm biased because cynic is my favorite band and I love them but it was amazing I don't have words to describe how good it was after the show cynic chilled in the front talking to fans signing autographs and taking pictures they signed my ticket ill post a pic

Merch was 15-20 dollars and if anyone cares Johnny from jfac was there I swear hes everywhere he was just at summer slaughter last week