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08-02-2010, 12:51 PM
Venue- The Blvd
Source- Me

This show was AWESOME! I wasn't going to go to this because I didn't know any of the bands that were playing. Then Leon from Exhumed/Destroyed in Seconds posted on Facebook that the mighty Goat Wizard was going to play this show. I was interested in checking it out now cause of the ridiculous name and the fact the show was only $5. I then found out that Leon was the guitarist for GW, then one of the old bass players from Phobia was the other guitarist. I got to the venue around 930 and hung outside for a few minutes talking to the door guy. Found out the Disorder show there on Friday was canceled, so that sucks. I walked inside to find my friend and to find out there was only 10 people or so attending this show, so that was horrible. Sin Miedo was playing and they sounded pretty cool. After their set, I walked over to the merch table and bought a Goat Wizard shirt just cause it looked funny as hell and it was really cheap.

The next band to go on was Disagree and they were awesome. They reminded me of Doom(UK) style crust. They played 6 or 7 songs and ended their set with a cover of Police Bastard by Doom:rocker:

The next band was Sorrower. I heard a few songs on myspace right before the show and liked it. They were off the hook. So awesome. Reminded me of old Phobia meets Napalm Death. It was the last night of the tour, so all merch was half off. so I got a cd for $2 and a shirt for $5. My friend grabbed the setlist and told me they did the entire cd I bought plus 3 other songs. They are out of order, but this is what they performed.

Turn to Stone
Said and Done
Nothing Changes
The Afterglow
Act of War
Say Goodbye
We've Left Scars
Dead to Me
Kick to the Teeth

The might Goat Wizard was next, haha. The story behind this band is they are members from Destroyed in Seconds. Whenever DIS plays, there is a jam song they do. Well they took the jam song, extended it into a 30+ minute stoner metal jam. This was thier first show ever. Everyone was hanging out on the patio and I heard music being played, so I walked inside and saw Leon and the drummer just jamming. I wasn't sure if this was their set or not, so I went back outside. A few minutes later, someone came out and said we were all missing the set, so we all walked inside to the same thing I saw earlier. The other guitar player set up and someone dressed up like a wizard walked on stage to do vocals. It was funny as hell watching this. About halfway through the jam, someone handed the wizard a crystal ball to hold in the air. Shortly after, Brain, the owner of the Blvd, started galloping around the room on a broom stick. This was way too funny for my stoned ass to handle at the time. I guess their setlist would be

Goat Wizard Jam

After the show was over, I found out some BIG NEWS. I was talking to the guys from Sorrower and asked if they have plans for a future tour out here in LA. They said they may be doing a tour in Spring of 2011 with General Surgery on the West Coast, but its just in the talks now. I went over and talked to Brain and he confirmed that they are in the process of booking General Surgery at the Blvd in Spring 2011, so I can't wait!:rocker::rocker:

The Colonel
08-04-2010, 07:07 PM
Hey, thanks for the kind words! I play bass in Sorrower. That was a fun show, hopefully we'll be back that way soon. We may be coming through with Phobia in January.

08-04-2010, 09:54 PM
Hey, thanks for the kind words! I play bass in Sorrower. That was a fun show, hopefully we'll be back that way soon. We may be coming through with Phobia in January.

Dude you guys were awesome! I really hope more people get a chance to hear you guys. I'm really picky bout seeing new bands. I rarely go to a show without knowing a band a liking them. I was blown away with how awesome your band was. The blast beats really added to the intensity. I hope I can see you guys again in Jan with Phobia