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08-01-2010, 06:45 PM
In my opinion this was the best mayhem so far. I won't post the setlists because as far as I know they were the same as the other setlists already posted for mayhem fest. I will just include reviews for the bands I saw.

I stuck to the jager stage because I don't listen to anyone on the silver star stage. First up on the jager stage was the jager band: Soil. This is the second time they have been the jager band for Chicago at Mayhem. They had a new singer and drummer because the original ones are on hiatus or something. They rocked. I thought the singer had a pretty good voice but since he is new to the band he kinda struggled with some words. They put on a good show though.

Next up was Shadows Fall. I've been a huge fan for the past five years and they are one of the few metal bands that I like that I hadn't seen until today. They were out of this world! I thought they were in the top 5 shows that I've seen (and it was only 30 minutes). I loved their set. Brian Fair is one of the best front men. He really knows how to get the crowd going. He actually crowd surfed for a few minutes, which I thought was risky, but very cool. During the Power of I and I, I experienced the most amount of crowd surfers that I had ever seen, and I had front row the whole time, so it wasn't fun getting kicked in the back of the head every 30 seconds.

Next was one of the main reasons I was there: CHIMAIRA! They are my second favorite band behind Metallica. Before they even started playing the crowd was chanting "Chimaira, Chimaira" while In This Moment was playing, almost drowning them out. Each band member was on stage before they played, having fun with the crowd. Jim was filming us doing stupid stuff (maybe for a coming alive 2 dvd, but doubt it). They were tied for the best show of the day (i'll get to that later). Great set as always. My favorite guitar player and idol, Rob Arnold, was right in front of me the whole time. When I got front row, I made sure I was on the right side where Rob plays. He made eye contact with me a lot and we sang a lot of lyrics together. I caught two picks from them as well.

I'm in a huge Hatebreed stage right now and I was really excited to see them but Chimaira was signing while they played so unfortunately I had to watch them from about 100 yards away. I couldn't pass up the chance to meet Chimaira. They are all very nice guys and very down to earth. They tried to connect to each fan that they saw. I got them all to sign my ticket. Rob was the last in line and he told me that he remembered me from when they played and that i was rockin out the whole time. I grew out a Rob Arnold type facial hair for the show and I told him and he laughed and said I had to work harder at it (I only been growing it for about 3 weeks). But back to Hatebreed, from afar they looked amazing and sounded great. The crowd looked brutal. I really wanted to mosh to the end of Doomsayer.

Time for main stage. Five Finger Death Punch was very good. I enjoyed them a lot more the first year at mayhem when they were on the side stage. Ivan is a natural when it comes to interacting with the crowd and his voice sounded amazing, both screaming and clean vocals.

This was my first time seeing Lamb of God as well. They were pretty good, I thought they would be better because of all of the live videos I've seen and all of the stories I've heard, but they still put on a good show. I don't think Randy interacted with the crowd enough. There was a sweet wall of death during Black Label, and I had a great time moshing.

Rob Zombie was out of this world!!!! This was my second time seeing him and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. He was tied with Chimaira for the best show (followed closely by Shadows Fall). He's just a natural at live performances. I thought he sounded good as well. John 5's stage persona is amazing. He is always smiling and having a good time and his guitar solo is simply brilliant. Joey did an excellent job at drums and his drum solo was incredible. Zombie had tons of ten foot monsters in his show, not just the one during More Human Than Human. He got tons of girls to show their boobs and he also had stage girls run on with no shirts and kiss each other. During Sick Bubblegum, they sent out about 30 beach ball-like balls into the audience that portrayed giant gumballs and the crowd had a blast with them. The best song in my opinion was Scum of the Earth. John 5 plays it a lot heavier than Riggs did which makes it a great live song. John 5 also had to smash his guitar at the end of the show because he had a bet with Rob. If Chicago was the best crowd so far at mayhem, he had to break one of his guitars. They all agreed that we were, so he smashed it and the crowd went crazy.

I'm not a Korn fan, so I didn't see any of their set.

08-01-2010, 07:08 PM
I went to this show as well. I thought KoRn, Norma Jean, and 3 IOB were the best bands of the day. Chimaira had the most pits. I thought Zombie & Atreyu were disappointing. I did not see 5FDP because I watched Norma Jean instead.

Glad you had a good time. Chimaira and Shadows Fall rocked, but I thought the sound quality on the Jager stage was horrible. I'm going to the show in MI on Friday. Hopefully that won't be an issue.

08-01-2010, 10:19 PM
I didn't notice the bad sound quality on jager. Maybe it's cuz i was front row and i couldn't tell. what was disappointing about zombie, i thought he was amazing.

08-02-2010, 06:07 AM
Just so you know, apparently John 5 has been smashing his guitar on every show so you didn't get anything special.

08-02-2010, 07:37 AM
has he really??? that's kinda cheap

08-02-2010, 07:54 AM
It actually just occurred to me that Korn isn't playing Coming Undone on this tour.... :hmm:

08-02-2010, 08:36 AM
It actually just occurred to me that Korn isn't playing Coming Undone on this tour.... :hmm:
Or Twisted Transistor, for that matter.

08-02-2010, 10:40 AM
Just so you know, apparently John 5 has been smashing his guitar on every show so you didn't get anything special.

He does that all the time. Even back with Manson, he always did.