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07-27-2010, 10:48 PM
Well I did a 15 song Q&A with Eric Singer and he was very generous and replying within a day of me asking him to do the interview. Props to Eric for giving me the time out of his day to do this:

Hello, Eric - Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with Not For The Innocent pro boards. Let's get right to it!

1. Four Day Creep (Eric Singer Project 1999)

Huge Humble Pie fan growing up ! Played Rockin' The Filmore LIVE til the grooves wore out...Jerry Shirley has the best swing and scrappiness to his drumming and Steve Marriott is the #1 singer for me! Had to cover this tune sometime in my life...

2. Beth (KISS 1976)

Klassic KISS Tune for sure! I am honored to be able to sing this song live with KISS...

3. Gimme (Alice Cooper 2001)

Like the heaviness of the groove and the overlayed drum loops added a modern touch to Coop's signature voice.

4. Set Me Free (Eric Singer Project 1999)

The SWEET were a big influence to me as I love 70's Glam bands ! And they were one of the very best. Great drumming from Mick Tucker. (just ask Tommy Lee/Kickstart My Heart)

5. God Gave Rock N Roll To You II (KISS 1991)

Funny enough, I had the ARGENT record "IN DEEP" that had the original version. My first track ever recorded with KISS for a movie soundtrack in 1991

6. Dreams In The Dark (Badlands 1989)

WHITESNAKE were the latest rage and BADLANDS made an attempt to mimic that style with this song. In fact, we used the same video producer for the MTV vid that even made it to #1 on MTV!

7. The Shining (Black Sabbath 1987)

The original version with Ray Gillen was the real deal. Too bad most people will never hear that...Tony Iommi writes THE best heavy riffs. PERIOD!

8. All For The Glory (KISS 2009)

I like the song, would like to have lived with it vocally for a bit longer before I actually sang it... (everyone sez that in hindsight :-)

9. Blow Me A Kiss (Alice Cooper 2001)

Another heavy Coop song. I really liked Brutal Planet record and the show was very kool.

10. Twenty Flight Rock (Eric Singer Project 1999)

I was always influenced by MONTROSE and their version of this off of Warner Brothers Presents always kicked my ass !And Denny Carmassi was a major drumming idol for me too...

11. Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper 1973)

Classic song and drum part ! (thank you Neil Smith)
I am sure Bob Ezrin had to have played a big part in this song and drum parts ? He is a genius and really brings everything to the party.

12. Black Diamond (KISS 1974)

Probably one of my fav KISS songs as I loved KISS when they appeared on the scene in 1974. Yes, I bought the record and saw them on that first tour...
I am still amazed that I get to play and sing this song "with" KISS !

13. Chasing The Dragon (Stream 1998)

No comment

14. I'm The Animal (Bruce Kulick 2010)

Was a kool heavy riff that Bruce wanted Gene to sing and play on. I ended up telling Bruce about Tobias Sammett and he was perfect for the track ! Great guy and great singer. (check out AVANTASIA stuff that I drummed on...)

15. Let Me Love You (taken from a Rod Stewart tribute album "Forever Mod" released in 1998)

Now this is right up my alley... I love Rod Stewart in his Jeff Beck days... Killer singer !!
I wish I could sing like that and front a band like he did...
Was my first "lead" vocal on record for this tribute record...

Eric thank you for doing this, and enjoy touring the states the rest of the summer!