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07-27-2010, 09:57 AM
We arrived at the venue at 7:30, hoping to catch Divine Heresy. We saw about half of them. Basically if doors open at 6, be there by 7:15 if you want to see them. The 3 songs I caught were all great. The drums were too loud but that guy is so good that I didn't care. They ended with This Threat is Real and the place was going nuts by then. If you go see this show, I highly recommend getting there early to see them.

Next up was After the Burial. I told the girl I was with that she was going to love them. They're very breakdown heavy and the vocals go from screech to gutteral in virtually every song. Shockingly enough everyone I was there with liked them. The crowd was into them so I kinda enjoyed them too. They're not for everyone but considering what's coming next I'm glad I had fun jamming out to them.

Next up were 36 Crazyfists. I wouldn't call myself a fan of theirs but I've heard a few songs and thought they would be decent live. To quote Sir Charles: They were fukkin turrrrrible! The drummer must have just done a big shot of smack because he easily messed up 20 times. Everyone in the crowd was like what's wrong with the drummer? Or is the drummer retarded? BY FAR the worst band I've seen in 2010. The plan was to grab 2 beers and a water and head up just as they finished.

The plan worked perfectly. When 36CF ended everyone was going to get drinks or whatever. I was laughing so hard I was crying though. I basically was pushing my friend Heather through the crowd and 3/4ths there she said, this is good, stop pushing. As I kept pushing I said, Let me tell you a little story... once upon a time... Shut the fuck up! Maybe you had to be there but I laughed for 10 minutes after that. We got to the rail in front of Dino and waited for the show.

I got to hear my 2 favorite FF songs, Pisschrist and Smasher/Devourer and the new stuff was really powerful live. The 6 straight songs from Demanufacture at the end was EPIC! I wasn't expecting Pisschrist since they haven't been playing it so that made my night. Sometimes my friends think it ruins the surprise always knowing the setlist but really when you know the setlist and you get a gem like Pisschrist it makes it that much more cool to me. I'm not a huge H-K fan so I was having a conversation with some friends when I heard the opening to Pisschrist. I could only imagine the look on my face. I went totally apeshit singing every word and moshing out like a lunatic.

All in all a fun show. I was still sore from Mayhem and Bumper Bash this weekend but once the music started I forgot all about it. I feel great today and am going to rest up for Sevendust and the Carnival of Madness tomorrow. What a week! More reviews coming soon...

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07-27-2010, 10:02 AM
Cool set - I wish they weren't bunching up all the demanufacture songs like that, but I guess take what you can get. Nice getting PissChrist, we got Scumgrief in Philly a couple months ago, I havent seen that on much of the sets.

07-27-2010, 04:32 PM
It's funny after you mentioned Scumgrief I almost think they played that after Martyr. Maybe I just have that song stuck in my head. hahaha

07-27-2010, 04:56 PM
Definitely would have been awesome to hear Pisschrist

07-28-2010, 05:44 AM
Last time I saw Fear Factory they closed with 'Cars', sigh