View Full Version : Scorpions -- Nashville, TN -- July 10th, 2010

07-11-2010, 11:37 AM
Here are the setlists for the show in Nashville last night.
Overall Ratt played well, the crowd loved them and it was a good opening band for this tour. They were pretty limited on stage space and their sound was a bit muddy compared to the scorps. You would think that in this day with all these guys being friends they would get equal treatment as far as a good mix. They are billed to help sell tickets so WTF?
Not much of a surprise to their set except putting the two new songs near the end. Eat Me alive is a good song live, seemed kind of lost at the end after playing so many hits, still for me one of the best songs of the night.
Warren still sounds great and It was cool that they split the Guitar solos up more then I had thought they would. Carlos played great, but Warren's tone and style put him well out in front of Carlos.
Stephen didn't move much due to his operation, not sure what it was but he remarked about not being able to run around due to stiches. He did ok, but his voice is not what it use to be as far as any high notes etc.
They Didn't leave the stage, just kind of said thanks and went into Round and Round. The order may be off a little in the middle and not being the biggest Ratt fan I may have missed song in there since there was at least one old one I didnt recognize. My girlfriend new it was old but didn't know the name.

1.Lay it Down
2.You're in Love
3.I Want a Woman
4.Lack of Communication
5.You Think You're Tough
6.A Little too Much
7.Lovin' You's a Dirty Job
8.Way Cool Jr.
9.Best of Me
10.Back for More
11.Eat Me Up Alive
12.Round and Round

i have seen the Scorps several times in the last 30 years and it has been hit or miss. Usually depending on the set for me. This set was ok, a couple songs I have not seen in a long time but considering it is their farewell show I would have thought about three more songs in the set would have been cool and one of those being a pre-Lovedrive song. Would have loved to have seen
In Trance, Speedy' Coming, Virgin Killer, Lovedrive or Another Piece of Meat.
They sounded great and Klauss's voice was really strong. I was happy to hear that since he was sick and add the fact he is in his 60's. The band was really into it especially Rudolph who spent most of his time running out into the crowd down the long center ramp. It got kind of funny at times since he would run down rock out and run back to his side of the stage only to repeat it a minute later. At one point a third guitar player performed but it was never mentioned and he did not get put up on the video screen. Have no idea who he was. I may be wrong on the song but I think He came out on Best is yet To come.
I didn't really know the set, except the encore, pryor to the show as I wanted to be surprised. I only knew they had not been doing No One Like You. Which bummed me out as it is one of the few hits they have that I really still like to hear. When they got to the encore I remarked about how I guess they wouldn't play it, so I was happily rocking out when Klauss commented that "Nashville you guys are great and there is no one like you"...haha. With that being played they dropped Still loving you, which being the farewell tour was a shock. Can't complain for me as No One Like you was a better choice.
A good show, worth seeing especially if you have never seen them. Not too many rare gems but plenty of hits. In order and complete.

1.Sting In The Tail
2.Make It Real
3.Bad Boys Running Wild
4.The Zoo
5.Coast To Coast
6.Loving You Sunday Morning.....Probably the biggest surprise for me :rocker:
7.The Best Is Yet To Come
8.Send Me An Angel...acoustic, played at end of ramp center of crowd. dedicated to DIO.
9.Holiday....Acoustic, still at center
10.Raised on Rock
11.Tease Me Please Me
12.Dynamite.....................second surprise, didn't expect it.
13.Kottak Attack...drum solo that is kind of boring except for the video images behind him.
14.Blackout........best song of the night:blaze:
15.Big City Nights
16.Wind Of Change
17.No One Like You.............really happy to see it back in
18.Rock You Like A Hurricane

We had great seats right of the side of the stage lower bowl and Tickets were a good price around $60 each. Shirts were ok about 6 different Scorpions and three Ratt, nothing too special for average price of $45.