View Full Version : Faith No More -- Brooklyn, NY -- July 5th, 2010

07-06-2010, 03:01 AM
Source: me

Pretty proud of myself on this one, attended Tuska Open Air in Helsinki over the weekend, and made it to this show in New York in Monday (went right from Newark airport to the show). It was very hot, and there were millions of douchebag hipsters there, but it was good. Outdoor show right on the east river, with an awesome view on the Manhattan skyline behind us. Sold out, had to be at least 10K people there, I think.

Theme from midnight cowboy
The real thing
Be aggressive
Land of sunshine
The crab song
...Gentle art of making enemies
Last cup of sorrow
Chinese arithmetic (with razhel)
Midlife crisis
Digging the grave
Ashes to ashes
Ben (Michael Jackson)
King for a day
Just a man
I started a joke
As the worm turns
We care a lot

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