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04-09-2005, 03:15 PM

Vienna, April 8th
Well, this was my first Priest show, finally! I was really excited to see the Metal Gods live in concert, and they sure as hell didn't disappoint.

As many of you have probably heard already, Paradise Lost, who was supposed to be the support act, cancelled their gig because of the "not-well-being" of their guitar player. That, of course, was highly regrettable, I would have loved seeing Paradise Lost, but what can you do... Anyway, instead, we got to see an Austrian band called "Firestorm", and to my surprise they were actually pretty good. Especially the singer (who played guitar at the same time) was awesome. I was still happy when they finished though, and then we were waiting for the mighty Priest!!

Then, when The Hellion started, the whole crowd went mad! The show was just what people have described before with Halford standing in a projection of an eye in "Electric Eye", holding a Judas Priest flag during "Revolution", being elevated upwards like a golden angel or something during "Judas Rising", etc.

Setlist was the same as posted before:

The Hellion
Electric Eye
Metal Gods
Riding on the wind
A Touch of evil
Hot rockin
I'm a rocker
Judas Rising
Victim of changes
Breaking the law
The Ripper
Turbo Lover
Deal with the devil
Beyond the realms of death
Green manalishi
Diamonds and rust (acoustic version)

Hellbent for leather
Living after midnight
You've got another thing coming

The whole band was in great form, the solos were ripping and Rob actually sounded extremely good for most of the show. I was absolutely amazed, I mean he often held back to not stress his voice too much, but when he screamed he just blew me away! AWESOME! His screams (and there were quite a lot of screams...) were just as good as ever comparing to the live CDs I've heard (apart from maybe screams like victim of changes on unleashed in the east). So yeah, the whole night ruled, Rob held the audience in the palm of his hand! Oh yeah and not to forget - I made this sign saying "ROB for pope!" and the band laughed when they saw it. Glenn saw it first, looked to the band and pointed towards it. At the end of the show when Rob was on the stage alone before his (yeaah yeaaah part), he told me to give him the sign so I went up and a security guy took it and handed it to him. He then held the sign up to the audience and laughed at the same time and then made the "son, father and the wholy ghost" sign (sorry don't know how you say it in english), which was pretty funny. Then he put it on the ground and at the very end of the show, Glenn Tipton took it again and held it up to the crowd. Rob was like, get outta here....and made a jokingly dismissive gesture to Glenn, who then threw it away. Anyway, it was an amazing night, the crowd really celebrated Priest and the guys looked very happy as well. Basically, all songs ruled - the new ones kicked some major ass as well. A glorious night for the Priest!

04-09-2005, 08:13 PM
:rockdevil :rockdevil I CANT WAIT TO SEE THEM