View Full Version : Burning at the Stake -- Simi Valley, CA -- June 5th, 2010

06-15-2010, 05:53 PM
Location: 118 West @ Simi Valley, CA

Burning at the Stake
Descent of the Dead
Rival Sin

Rating System:
0-1: So god awful I might specifically skip a show just to avoid this band.
2-3: Terrible band that would require me to go outside to maintain my sanity
4-5: They're not doing anything horrible, and most likely its just not my cup of tea.
6-7:Good music, but wouldn't go out of my way to see
8-9: Really great band, would recommend everybody to check them out
9.1-9.9: One of the best acts I've come across
10: A show that would be almost impossible to top

Holy fuck what a fun night.

Disclaimer: I was really fucking baked the whole night, so I'm most likely forgetting a lot of shit that happened, don't blame me!

Colpolscopy went on first around 6:00 and put on a pretty tight set. I thought the two vocalists were interesting, but at some times it was a little overkill. A good start to the night, however.

Colpolscopy gets: 7/10

Next was RIVAL FUCKING SIN! WOO! Never heard of these guys before that night, but I remember thinking that they were one of the tightest local bands I'd heard in a long time. Awesome thrash metal with an oldschool feel to it. Solos that would rape your soul! It is essential I check out this band in the future.

Rival Sin gets: 9.5/10

Next was a band called Inertia. Didn't particularly find them too interesting, and went outside for a smoke break.

Inertia gets: 5/10

While I was outside, some guys walked by and pointed out that there was a fucking possum on my leg that I hadn't noticed (please refer to my disclaimer). It scared the balls out of me.

Next, Descent of the Dead went on and holy fuck just yes. They are awesome and really nice dudes. Play great technical death metal with an inventive feel to it. I know for sure that they played:

Partial Setlist:
Forced To Burn
Logic Devoid
Siege of Aberration
Preaching Deformity

I forget if I pitted a lot, but I remember having a great time. Love Descent of the Dead.

Descent of the Dead gets: 9/10

Then a band named Sudo came on. Expiremental metal with a really awesome feel to it. Incredibly original and talented bunch of dudes. I'm pretty positive they played:

Partial Setlist:
Devil's Dance

Sudo gets: 8.5/10

Then came the mighty death metal beasts that are Burning at the Stake. Fuck, just read any other thread I've written about this band. They're fucking awesome, play really sick death metal with some tech influences, makes you headbang whether or not you want to. Order of setlist is a really fuzzy, but they played

Setlist (Out of Order):
Premeditated Trance
When you Die Nothing Happens
A Rotted Covering
Death is a Chance Taken Within
Creature of Inconceivable Horror
Prevalent Desolution
Nefarious Campaign

They may have jammed a few more, but it slips my memory. :stoned:

Burning at the Stake gets: 9.5/10

Check out all of the local bands!
Burning at the Stake (http://www.myspace.com/burningatthestakeofficial)
Sudo (http://www.sudoband.com/)
Descent of the Dead (http://www.myspace.com/descentofthedead)
Inertia (http://www.myspace.com/inertiaofficialmusic)
Rival Sin (http://www.myspace.com/rivalsin)

Thanks for reading, support underground metal! :light: