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Source: http://www.ironmaiden.com/fanclub/showthread.php?t=68276&page=2

This was a secret gig at a club, under the name "The Angel and The Gamblers", and apparently, to anyone's knowledge, the longest show Maiden ever played.

02.The Angel and the Gambler
03.lightning Strikes Twice
04.Man on the Edge
05.Heaven Can Wait
06.Fortunes of War
07.The Clansman
08.When Two Worlds Collide
09.2 Minutes to Midnight
10.The Educated Fool
11.Don't look to the Eyes of a Stranger
12.Hallowed Be Thy Name
13.Afraid to Shoot Strangers
14.The Evil That Men Do
15.The Clairvoyant
16.Fear of the Dark
17.Iron Maiden
18.Number of the Beast
19.The Trooper
21.lord of the Flies
22.Blood on the World's Hands
23.The Aftermath
24.Sign of the Cross
25.Murders in the Rue Morgue

The order is probably fucked up, but the source says all the songs were played, which is really the impressive thing about this. My god.

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But itīs with Blaze.

The worst frontman in metal-history

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But itīs with Blaze.

The worst frontman in metal-history


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But itīs with Blaze.

The worst frontman in metal-history


Also holy shit, what a set.

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Also holy shit, what a set.


And moreso: IT WAS AT A CLUB!!! I would pay $200 a ticket to see Maiden in a club once. Sure, no stage show, but for just a one-off experience I'd gladly trade it once, if not more times.

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They did a whole club tour around this timeperiod because they couldnt draw in a big arena trek with Blaze in the US. Played Lupo's in Providence, RI which was pretty small venue. Best setlist could find (from a bootleg):
Venue: Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Date: February 14, 1996
Discs: 2


Sound: Audience recording, A+
Notes: -


Disc 1:

1 Man On The Edge
2 Wrathchild
3 Heaven Can Wait
4 Lord Of The Flies
5 Fortunes Of War
6 Blood On The World's Hands
7 Afraid To Shoot Strangers
8 The Evil That Men Do
9 The Aftermath

Disc 2:

1 Sign Of The Cross
2 Two Minutes To Midnight
3 Edge Of Darkness
4 Fear Of The Dark
5 The Clairvoyant
6 Iron Maiden
7 Number Of The Beast
8 Hallowed Be Thy Name
9 The Trooper

the chewbacca defense
06-11-2010, 12:23 AM
My guess is that Blaze didn't like Run to the Hills to much (that or he couldn't hit the higher notes)

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Great set is great.

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Hellyeah, I would really like to experience Maiden club show someday, like this...

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I saw this tour at Hammerjacks and the highlight of the night was Fear Factory opening for them. People went apeshit for them and they played a blistering set.

Steve Harris was a beast but the rest of the band just went through the motions. The setlist had people just standing around for half of the show and walking our dumbfounded. To quote Charles Barkley, Blaze was trrrible that night.

By far my biggest concert dissapointment ever...

06-13-2010, 08:53 AM
yes I'm farely sure blaze couldn't sing songs like RTTH, if Maiden's wikipedia was to believed.