View Full Version : Dying Fetus -- Toronto, Ontario -- March 31st, 2010

06-03-2010, 12:20 PM
Minus Fetus and I'm not doing AOAA cuz they sucked balls.

Conducting From the Grave
was pretty sure the first song they played was old, maybe When Two Blood Types Coalesce?
The Calming Effect
Improper Burial
The Skies Are Blackened Not By Clouds But Insects
Marching Towards Extinction

Misery Index
We Never Come In Peace
American Idolatry
Manufacturing Greed
Heirs to Theivery

I guess Sparky was missing on this tour, which explains why they didn't play more of the dual guitar/solo songs

Servants to the Night
Forced to Rock
A Diamond For Disease
We Are the Nightmare
Escape Artist
Sightless Wisdom
The Face of My Innocence