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Converge/Gaza/Black Breath/Damnesia

So I got to the venue like 10 minutes after the doors opened. It was another hour until the first opener started playing. They were a local band called Damnesia. They felt like surgery with no anastheisa...
Well, not really, but they were pretty bad. They started off as a two--piece with a guitarist and drummer. The guitarist did some decent death growls and some howls. They were heavy, but not heavy like a death metal band, and defeinitely not hardcore (which I mention because this was a primarily hardcore bill). I dunno what they sounded like, to be honest.
During this first song some [fat] woman was standing on the side of the stage, nodding her heard and stuff. She then joined the rest of the band, doing some very high-pitched screams. A couple of songs later someone else came on stage, making them now a four-piece. She also picked up a guitar at this point. One of these guitars was probably a bass.
They had a lot of slow parts, which if anything, put me to sleep. They had much too long of a set, which made me even happier when they finally got off.

Maybe 20 minutes later, Black Breath came on. They were actually one of the main reasons I came to this show. Black Breath is seriously one of the greatest hardcore bands to come around recently. Though, to be honest, they weren't as much hardcore as they were Dismember/Entombed with hardcore vocals. I LOVE Swedish Death Metal :rocker:
The vocalist was very intense and involved with the audience. At this time there were some circle pits going on. He kept grabbing this one kid at the front, literally thrusting the mic right into his face. I kinda wish I knew the lyrics...
I was very pleased with their live performance :) You should definitely go see these guys if they come to your town or whatever.
I know they played "Black Sin," "Escape from Death," "Heavy Breathing," and "Razor to Oblivion." I'll get back to you guys with the rest.

My brother and I then went to the merch booth. We noticed the same merch guy there as before and realized it was the vocalist. My brother went up and got a Black Breath t-shirt (which was pretty boring but, hey, he wanted to support them). He talked to the vocalist for a couple minutes. Pretty nice guy, I was told. Nice beard :rocker:
I regret not buying a Heavy Breathing CD from him, though. I love that CD, and they were probably pretty cheap, too… :mad:

Next was Gaza. I know a bunch of people here like them, but they're not really my cup of tea, to be honest. Their grind parts are good, but they're rare. They're just way too sludgy for me. Nevertheless, they put on a tight performance. There was some stage diving going on, and the crowd seemed really into them.
Like the vocalist of Black Breath, Gaza's vocalist was pretty intense. He was also hilarious. At one point he wondered aloud whether he could be considered a hero if he wiped his crotch with a Miley Cyrus towel :lol: Later, he cursed the fact that if people 500 years into the future dug us up and found Miley first, what the hell would they think?
Setlist: I have no idea. Sorry…

Finally, Converge came on. I was at the front for them the whole time. At BTBAM I had been annoyed at the front, with the constant ramming of people into me. I wasn't as annoyed this time, maybe because the crowd wasn't full of fags, or maybe I had grown stronger over time... Still, the crowdsurfers pissed me off a bit- there must have been one every 30 seconds. I also probably pissed off a bunch of potential crowdsurfers off by ducking... Well, I think it was more of me not being able to hold them up myself. Maybe I'm not so strong after all… Nah, I'm just kidding, I'm weak as hell :lol: I dropped two stage-divers and fell to the floor :eyes:
There were some pretty unique crowdsurfing tactics used here- one guy crouched on the floor and let people run and jump off his back into the crowd :lol: However, only about four people dived- the security guard was catching all the surfers before they got to the stage.
Obviously, Jacob Bannon was very intense. He shoved the mic in my face a couple times, though I'm not sure if I shouted the right words :eyes: :lol: The bassist also let all of us touch/play his strings :rocker:
In my opinion, unless you're a huge fan and can distinguish all the songs from each other, a Converge show is mainly just a fun experience. I could really only recognize "Dark Horse," "Axe to Fall," "Reap What You Sow," and "No Heroes." I think I recognized some others ("Concubine?") but I couldn't tell you the names. I do have the setlist, however:

1. Concubine
2. Dark Horse
3. Heartache
4. Hellbound
5. Lonewolves
6. Hanging Moon
7. No Heroes
8. Reap What You Sow
9. Cutter
10. Distance and Meaning
11. Dead Beat
12. Orphaned
13. Axe to Fall
14. Wishing Well
15. Damages
16. First Light
17. Eagles Become Vultures
18. The Broken Vow
19. Drop Out
20. Last Light

So yeah, it was a pretty fun show. I don't know if I'd see them again, though. Maybe if they toured with really good bands, I would. I dunno, I guess I'll see whenever.

Converge t-shirts: $10
Converge CDs: ?
Gaza tshirts: $15
Gaza CD: $10
Gaza EP: $5
Black Breath tshirts: $10
Black Breath CDs: ?

Great review, my friend. I was actually sent out to that gig to do some video of the set... check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNIZBtp8Bx4

We actually got to use soundboard audio which - tell me what you think dude!

06-03-2010, 12:11 PM
thanks dude :party:
the soundboard audio definitely worked to your favor- the sound in that video is fantastic. Nice job :)