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04-18-2010, 11:26 PM
"Official Statement" from my band, Necromance.

So, as you may have heard by now, the band you have come to know as Necromance, will once again be reforming and carrying on. However, things are going to be a bit different, so I wanted to post an official open letter to anyone who follows us to kind of bring you up to speed on how we've gotten here, and where we plan to go from here.

As you might remember, the last incarnation of Necromance broke up back in October 2009, following massive creative and personal differences which more or less tore that line-up of the band in half. That hasn't changed. The problem was that left the line-up of Necromance as just myself and my sister Sarah, being the only two remaining members sharing a similar vision. The amount of adversity and obstacles we had faced up through that point, added to by the explosive destruction of that final line-up was more than enough to force us to seriously re-think this band, and our decision to keep pouring our dedication into it. So, with that in mind, we decided to lay it to rest.

About one week ago, we became aware of a very cool contest in which the winning band got to open for legends Bon Jovi. Being that we had recently come back into contact with our drummer Kalin Schweizerhof (January 2007 - March 2009), we decided to ask him and bassist Chad Hontz if they would be interested in playing together for the purposes of entering that competition. Every one agreed, so it was my idea to get us all back in one room to play a bit to see how tight it would be. Much to my surprise, things actually still sounded pretty good after 13 months of the 4 of us not playing together. The thought had crossed my mind, and apparently great minds think alike, so the subject came up of us reuniting - and it became clear that Chad (Hontz, bass - 2006-2009) had no interest in this. However, the other three of us decided it was something worth looking into, so after some discussion, we decided to go for it.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking - this is not the first time we've "called it quits" to only resurrect the band a short time later. I want you to believe me when I say that I had every intention of calling it a day with this project until Kalin (Schweizerhof, drums) came back into the picture recently and we discovered that we still have a lot of playing chemistry and all three of us still share a very similar vision for our future. That one extra person believing in the potential and success of the band cane make a huge difference sometimes.

Also, I think it is very easy for the casual observer to see our happenings from afar and think "These guys just can't let it go", and to be fair, that's not terribly far from the truth. However, I don't think this is a bad thing. This band has been my own personal work for the better part of the past six years of my life. For all intents and purposes, it is my baby, and I am very proud of a lot of the songs I have written and what I have accomplished. I can't just let this project die when I still believe in it, and I see that other people still believe in it. To deny this would be foolish. I don't want to leave my past behind, but rather use my own personal experiences to build a new, improved "machine" and continue to take on the world. If only to prove to the naysayers that I (and dare I say, "we") are destined for something beyond what we have thus far accomplished, I intend to keep this dream alive.

So, what does this mean? Well, don't get too excited yet, for we still have things to be concerned about. I have cited before that I have had massive issues with doing "the scene" and the "grind" that comes with playing locally. Over the past five years I have lost my patience for playing shows with bad, inappropriate bands to small crowds of the 15 people we can continue to drag out and whoever else happens to be there - dealing with venues who only care about ticket sales and not about quality. It does nothing, and there's virtually no point to it. I don't intend to get back into this rut. Instead, we have cited that we only intend to gig for the RIGHT opportunities - meaning slots opening for legitimate bands, slots on shows of good, like-minded bands, shows that actually offer us potentially good exposure, and shows that we WANT to do. If that means we only play once every couple of weeks or even months, that's fine by us. The less time we spend rehearsing for gigs is the more time we spend working on writing and hopefully recording new material to eventually break into something bigger. Basically - from this point on, we intend to play smarter, NOT harder - so to speak.

There is naturally the issue of completing the line-up of the band once again. We ARE seeking a bassist, for full details of that (if you are interested), you can contact us through this page. On a much less important note, I am also interested in a second guitarist and/or keyboard player to eventually complete our line-up further, but that's more of a side-thought at the moment. We don't intend to rush into either decision, as we intend to enjoy the freedom of being reunited with similar intent and an open schedule - writing new material being the primary thing on our plate. However, if you are at all interested in joining our ranks (especially on bass), don't hesitate to take the initiative to get in touch.

And finally, there is the issue of our name - which is something people seem to be awfully inquisitive about. Yes, this newly (re)formed band is three members (and in my opinion the three best) members of Necromance of the past, but however I have my share of issues with our name. Now, I realize it was my decision to make, but I guess this is where the fact that I formed and named this band when I was 14 comes back to haunt me. I didn't realize at that time quite how inappropriately our name could represent us. Every piece of feedback I've ever received has been that the name sounds as though it should belong to a death or black metal band, which I can't really disagree with. That has bothered me for a long time. But moreso, there is now the issue of building from our past but moving on. It was somewhat recently brought to our attention that our name may have attracted negative stigma in the past, and really, no one needs that following us around. The same can even moreso be said of our own thoughts and morale. In a sense, the name has come to represent a band that has failed to really get off the ground in almost six years, and has had its fair share of animosity. I think in order to truly evolve into a new entity and leave the shackles of our past frustrations and failures behind - a name change is in order. That is at least how I feel. I won't guarantee you we are changing our name, but it's certainly something we are thinking about.

If you've made it this far, I thank you deeply. I just wanted to be very up front about where we've come from, where we are, and where I intend to go from here. I didn't see the point in keeping everything a secret and having to answer the same questions privately thirty times apiece. This should clear just about all confusion, or at least I hope so. I can't thank those who continue to support us enough - it's your support that mixes with inner determination and allows myself and the rest of us to continue to weather the storms of our past. We are VERY much looking forward to taking the stage again and bringing everyone the music and shows they have come to expect from us.

THANK YOU so much for your time and support,
Jeff (Necromance)

04-19-2010, 01:10 PM
Awesome news :)

Hey, I play bass!! But, I'm all the way up here in Rhode Island. Whoops.

04-19-2010, 01:50 PM