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04-13-2010, 02:49 PM
Venue : Bogarts
Openers : Murder By Death, Maylene And The Sons of Disaster, Hex Machine.
Sources : Yours truly of course.

Once again I hit the road to check out the all mighty Clutch. The location was Bogarts in Cincinnati Ohio and not even a little snow could stop the progress. I made it there around 9:15pm and Murder by Death was on stage I was really not feeling them along with most in attendance. I went over to speak to Sean the merch guy who was going to hook me up with a pair of the Elephant Rider Airwalks but alas I can’t fit in 13’s (damn my big feet!) I settled for a green t-shirt with a name tag that says "marcus" and the Maryland license plate on the back that says "clutch". I also got a black tour shirt with the Maryland flag inside the oval logo with the tour dates on the back. I stuff the shirts in my pockets (cause Bogarts doesn’t allow you re-entry).

Finally at about 9:45 the noise ended and then the setup for CLUTCH began. Touring in a four piece now (thank god Eric took his harmonica back to Five Horse Johnson I was starting to get annoyed when he would taint some of the classics). It was kind of sad not to see Mick on the organ but Clutch is all about the core four members! Neil, Dan, Tim, and JP Gas on skins!
About 10:10 the mighty Clutch through me for a loop starting with a classic closer ’Gravel Road’ then they seamlessly went into ’Child of the City’. Next the new staples "You Can’t Stop the Progress" and "Power Player" by this time the crowd is getting over the hang over from the previous opening act. Five bouncers escort some morons out the door for fighting (I never understood why people fight at shows, its stupid and it shows so much disrespect for the band and every in attendance).
Anywho! The show continued and I finally got to hear The Yeti, Easy Breeze, Pulaski Skyway, and Flannery live! :rocker:They played till about 12:10 another excellent show by Clutch one of the hardest working bands in the business! Do yourself a favor and check them out when they roll into your city.

Gravel Road
Child of the City
Power Player
Devil and Me
Workem (instrumental)
Easy Breeze :rocker:
Hoodoo Operator
Pulaski Skyway
La Curandera :rocker::rocker:
The Yeti :rocker::rocker:
Burning Beard:rocker:
The Incomperable Mr Flannery :rocker::rocker:
The Dragonfly :rocker::rocker:
Trees (instrumental)
Electric Worry
One Eyed Dollar

Mob Goes Wild


06-22-2010, 09:43 PM
God. Damn! I missed a hell of a show. Can't remember exactly why I couldn't make it out to this, but I've still never seen Easy Breeze, Hoodoo Operator, Pulaski Skyway, or motherfucking LA CURANDERA. Lucky bastard. :( :(

06-23-2010, 12:25 PM
It was a great show it was the day before the NCAA Tourney started too, which made me very happy. I would have hated to miss the first day of the tourney. However, CLUTCH is worthy of skipping just about anything. Keep attending the shows and you should eventually see those songs live. :) Easy Breeze and Pulaski Skyway are the only ones from the set that as of today I have not seen more than once.