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04-13-2010, 12:38 PM
Venue : The Canopy Club
Openers : Tub Ring and The Bakerton Group
Source : I attended this bad boy!

Note : I got there when Tub Ring was finishing and I don't remember the Bakerton Group setlist.

Road Trippin for the mighty CLUTCH! Drove all the way and back in the day of the show. My companion wrote down one of the streets wrong so we got to see most of the town. I bought two t-shirts one with a wizard on the front and says "10001110101" and the other had Clutch in the classic Arabian font and the tour dates on the back. The Bakerton Group consisting of Dan, Mick(at the time), Tim, and JP from Clutch played around six instrumentals and then Neil Fallon (lead singer) came out while they continued to play. He was grooving to the jam session and then they seamlessly went into "Small Upsetters". Eric Oblander from Five Horse Johnson was also present and played the mouth harp for some songs.

They transitioned into crowd favorites "Big News I and II". The place was electric and according to some people who attended the Coheed shows this night Clutch was even more animated than usual. Next came "You Can't Stop Progress" and "Power Player" two tracks off their latest cd "From Beale Street to Oblivion". They continued with another Beale street song "Devil and Me" then went to "Burning Beard" which the crowd loved. Back to a great one from Beale street "Child of the City". The next one was a classic which I had never seen live before "Hoodoo Operator". Next came three favorites off Blast Tyrant "The Regulator", "Profits of Doom", and "The Mob Goes Wild" and the crowd sang along with each song. The next track blew me away another one I had never heard and loved called "Oregon" :rocker:. Even Eric Oblander from Five Horse Johnson playing the mouth harp couldn't ruin this one for me. The crowd loved it as well and responded accordingly. "Cypress Grove" was next and the crowd enjoy this one as well. Clutch brought back a classic called "Texan Book of the Dead" from their self titled album and the crowd lost it!
"10001110101" was up next and was a slow down from the previous songs. "King of Arizona" brought back up the tempo and featured Oblander on mouth harp. "Electric Worry" into "One Eye Dollar" was the next one and it didn't disappoint.
The song was the "Gravel Road" cover off Robot Hive Exodus to finish off a great night of rock n roll. I implore everyone to check these guys out when they come to your neck of the woods. They never put on a bad show and are one of the hardest working bands still touring today.

Small Upsetters
Big News I :rocker:
Big News II :rocker:
Power Playa :rocker: :rocker:
Devil and Me
Burning Beard
Child of of the City
Hoodoo Operator :rocker:
Profits of Doom :rocker:
Mob Goes Wild
Oregon :rocker: :rocker: :rocker:
Cypress Grove
Texan :rocker: :rocker: :rocker:
Kings of AZ
Electic Worry
One Eye Dollar
Gravel Road with extended jam out

04-13-2010, 12:48 PM
That's a pretty good set, and you are a cock-knocker for having seen this show (because I didn't). ;)

Bakerton + Clutch = one metric fuckton of awesome

04-13-2010, 01:05 PM
:D lol you're not the first person who said that after I went to this show. It truly was metric fuckton of awesome! :rocker::rocker: I'm not a Coheed fan(musically awesome but I can't stand the singer) and didn't want to see Clutch play less because of them. This was also the first time I saw Bakerton (missed them when they opened for Clutch at the "evening with" show I attended).