View Full Version : Mayhem Festival -- Clarkston, MI -- August 2nd, 2009

04-04-2010, 01:00 PM
I went to the Mayhem Fest last year,I saw all the bands on the main stage (Except the lame-ass headliner),I may have some songs a bit of order probably.

Mushroomhead setlist

02.Kill Tomorrow
03.12 Hundred
04.Sun Dosen't Rise
05.Damage Done
06.Save Us/Embrace The Ending
07.Empty Spaces/Born Of Desire

These guys did not disappoint,They put on a pretty good show,Thank god they took there spot for BFMV 'cause they suck

Killswitch Engage setlist

01.My Last Serenade
03.Fixation On The Darkness
04.Rose Of Sharyn
05.Srtarting Over
06.A Bid Farewell
07.My Curse
08.The End Of A Heartache
09.Holy Diver (Dio cover)

Killswitch put on a great performance,they were the second best band on the main stage (Next to Slayer),One of the main reasons I went to this show,They're singer sounded great too

Slayer setlist

01.Darkness Of Christ
03.War Ensamble
05.Pyschopathy Red
06.Born Of Fire
07.Mandatory Suicide
08.Chemical Warfare
09.Ghosts Of War
10.Dead Skin Mask
11.Hell Awaits
12.Angel Of Death
13.South Of Heaven
14.Raining Blood

Best band of the night,There performance was flawless,Tom Araya is a one of the greatest metal vocalist (Next to my personal favorite Rob Halford),Kerry King sounded great on every song there is,They really should have been the headlining band (Though they did a long enough set, considering they weren't headlining and it gave me a pyscholgical affect on me because they did a long set and that they came out and did an encore unlike most non-headlining bands do)

04-04-2010, 01:51 PM
Did they go straight from Hell Awaits into Angel of Death?

04-04-2010, 02:04 PM
Did they go straight from Hell Awaits into Angel of Death?

I'm pretty sure Tom did a little talk for a second before Hell Awaits then they do it straight into Angel of Death.

So yes.