View Full Version : The Dillinger Escape Plan -- Philadelphia, PA -- March 28th, 2010

03-29-2010, 06:41 AM
This was at first unitarian, which is actually a church basement, that somehow has incredible sound. Showed up during Animals as Leaders, who weren't bad. Unfortunately, iwrestledabearonce was up next. They might be the worst band I have ever seen in person. Darkest Hour followed them - not normally too big on them, but they looked like Master of Puppets-era Metallica after the shit they followed. Dillinger, as usual, dominated.

Set is out of order, may be missing a new song or two

Panasonic Youth
Fix Your Face
Milk Lizard
Sugar Coated Sour
Chinese Whispers
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
Mouth of Ghosts
Black Bubblegum
Weekend Sex Change
43% Burnt
Good Neighbor
Sunshine the Werewolf
Farewell, Mona Lisa