View Full Version : Blaze Bayley -- Luynes, France -- March 12th, 2010

03-13-2010, 01:31 AM
Source : me
It was a really good gig, Blaze pours in so much energy into his performance, it's
Anyways here's the setlsit.

1. Madness and Sorrow
2. Voices From The Past :rocker:
3. City of Bones
4. Faceless
5. Blackmailer
6. Letting Go of the World
7. Waiting for My Life to Begin
8. Leap of Faith
9. 1633
10. Blood and Belief
11. Stare at the Sun :party::drool:
12. Futureal
13. The Clansman
14. The Man Who Would Not Die
15. Robot :blaze:
16. Tenth Dimension
17. Kill & Destroy

I know all these songs were played. The beginning is correct and so is the end but I'm not to sure about the order of the songs in the middle. Anyway these are definitly the right songs.