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03-09-2010, 02:03 PM
This is from the Kittie/God Forbid tour. Only doing God Forbid's set cuz I actually have the setlist, and I didn't stay for Kittie, I only know like 2 songs from when they were popular anyway.

Manahan and Periphery opened, checked out Manahan on Myspace before I went, thought they were crap, its only one dude, they were even worse live. Periphery was good, not quite what I remembered from Thrash and Burn last year, but still solid. Thought they had a different singer..anyway, God Forbid's set was amazing, but they don't feel the same without Dallas, the new guy can play, but without the dual backing vocals, they just don't seem like GF. Plus they don't play a lot of songs that Dallas would sing on, which bums me out cuz those are the best, on Earthsblood anyway.

The End of the World
Under This Flag
War of Attrition
The Rain
Walk Alone(this was originally supposed to be Mouth for War, thank god for that)
Bat the Angels
To the Fallen Hero

Good to hear a lot of stuff from EB, but I'd rather they played the harder hitting songs like Empire of the Gun, or dig into some older favs, still a good set.

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03-09-2010, 04:05 PM
Missed these guys at Mayhem, was before I realized they are pretty good.
Nice set, would put in Force-Fed though.

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March 3, sorry forgot to add it