View Full Version : Nachtmystium -- Philadelphia, PA -- March 4th, 2010

03-05-2010, 04:34 AM
support for kreator/voivod tour
the trocadero
real short set but, as always, a great performance. is this a new or tour-only bass player?

your true enemy
ghosts of grace
life of fire
hellish overdose

03-05-2010, 11:43 AM
Showin' some love for the Doomsday Derelicts material...me likey. :D

Hellish Overdose, baby!!! :rocker:

03-05-2010, 07:17 PM

Choir of the Damned / The Pestilence
Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)
Enemy of God
Impossible Brutality
Endless Pain
Pleasure to Kill
Terrible Certainty
Extreme Aggression
Coma Of Souls
Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
The Patriarch/Violent Revolution
Demon Prince
When The Sun Burns Red
Flag Of Hate Play/Tormentor

The only problem I have with Kreator live, is they didn't seem to play the older stuff as fast as they used to. I know a few people said the same thing last night.