View Full Version : Megadeth -- Peoria, IL -- November 15th, 2009

02-28-2010, 03:26 PM
Tour: Endgame
Headliner: Megadeth
Support: Machine Head, Suicide Silence, Arcanium
Venue: Peoria Civic Center Exhibition Hall C, Peoria, IL
Date: November 15th, 2009

Megadeth Set List:

01. Set The World Afire
02. Wake Up Dead
03. Hangar 18
04. Skin O' My Teeth
05. 1,320'
06. A Tout Le Monde
07. She-Wolf
08. Tornado Of Souls
09. Head Crusher
10. In My Darkest Hour
11. Washington Is Next
12. Sweating Bullets
13. Rattlehead
14. Trust
15. Symphony Of Destruction
16. Peace Sells

17. Holy Wars

Set Time: 8:33-10:05

Megadeth Lineup:
Guitar/Vocals: Dave Mustaine
Guitar: Chris Broderick
Bass: James Lomenzo
Drums: Shawn Drover

This show was in the Exhibition Hall C of the Peoria Civic Center rather than the arena. I had never been in this part of the Civic Center but it turned out to be much larger than I would have guessed. There was plenty of room for a large stage and all of the equipment. I don't know what the attendance was but there was a larger crowd than I expected to see. The sound was very good considering the room was not really built for concerts.

I arrived about an hour and a half before doors and there were maybe 30 people in line. The line was actually inside the building, which was nice for a change. When they opened the first set of doors they let people in to another room directly in front of the doors that opened into the exhibition hall. The merchandise tables were set up in this room and 98% of the people in line in front of me stopped at the tables. I moved straight to the doors and ended up 4th in line. This of course allowed me to get front row right between Dave and Chris. This was the first time that I had been front row for Megadeth and it was very cool. Seeing Dave and Chris shred those solos at point blank range was amazing. Chris makes it look so easy. He just stands there and smiles like it is not hard at all, ha ha. The crush was pretty heavy and there was a fair amount of crowd surfing but it was not unbearable.

The set list was good, but I had been hoping for more from Endgame. I love it when they open with Set The World Afire, but it would have been really cool if they had opened with Dialectic Chaos/This Day We Fight. The two new songs sounded great. We heard Washington Is Next during sound check and then they added it to the set list. That was a nice surprise. It was also great to finally hear Rattlehead live. In My Darkest Hour was also a highlight. I always like to see that song in the set list. I was surprised that Dave did not play the dual-neck flying V during Trust like he has on the last couple of tours.

After the show I bought another copy of Endgame so that I could get it signed. I couldn't pass on a chance to meet the Megaman himself. Chris was with him for this signing session and they were both very cool and very gracious. I know it must be tiresome to do these things after the show, but I think it is a good way for bands to boost their CD sales.

Overall, this was my favorite Megadeth show so far. It was one of those nights where everything worked out. The venue was good, getting the rail was awesome, the sound was great, I got 2 picks (1 from Dave and 1 from Chris), and the CD signing was the icing on the cake.