View Full Version : My High School Need's Help

Butcher of Birth
02-24-2010, 06:57 PM
Some one you know me as Logan, most by Butcher of Birth, but I am currently heading a project given to my High School by the Hurley Clothing Brand.

They are looking for school's who can "walk the walk", which means they gave us a bunch of clothes, we do some new designs, we make videos, and the School with the most votes goes to the US Open of Surfing.

My job is head producer of all video's (I do 90% of filming and 100% of the editing) so without me there is no competition for us. So what I am asking is that at least one of you kind people go to the link below, create as many accounts as you want and vote 5-Stars for my video.

Do it for the Metal!

Satellite High School's - Walk The Walk (http://affiliate.kickapps.com/_Satellite/video/931234/147708.html)

Side Note: My band that did the talent show went over the 7 Minute time limit (we played Hallowed lol) so we didn't win anything, but the band and some friend's is now making a "Team" for our local "Relay For Life" which is about cancer and such. "METAL FOR CANCER!"