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02-20-2010, 03:39 PM

01. Last Drive
02. The Devil
03. Loners, Junkies & Liquor Stores
04. Rotten Sunday
05. Train
06. Blue Light
07. Downtown
08. Bent
09. Russian Roulette
10. She Walks
11. Coal Mine
12. Walking In The Woods
13. Blood Red

Bryan Small
Angelique Congleton
Ron Heathman

It's amazing how a band that just plays dives to small crowds can deliver such absolutely blistering performances on a consistent basis, especially 2 decades after their best chance came and went. This time Ron Heathmen of the Supersuckers was on guitar, doing an awesome job with only one rehearsal ("it's just math" he said). But the Supersuckers are Hangmen fans so he probably knows the songs already. No idea if this is permanent or if Rane just wasn't available last night.

They played all the "hits" and a few rarely played songs like She Walks and Blue Light. Coal Mine -> Walking In The Woods -> Blood Red has gotta be one of the best live 3 packs ever. Or at least since Rip This Joint - Jumpin' Jack Flash - Street Fighting Man 1972 but I never witnessed that one for myself.

I dug the other bands on the bill too, The Superbees, Barrio Tiger and The Royal Highness (formerly Chelsea Smiles) all of whom I have seen before but they just weren't quite as out of this world. A few appetizers and dessert (as Barrio Tiger got the cleanup set).

Not much of a "review" I know but I just had to say something.

Some You Tube links (not from last night).

"Bent" video (Unclean version)


"I'm gonna wash my bloody hands and slip away"


Viper Room 9/24/08 (Hangmen start about 3:45)


"Rotten Sunday" promo vid


"Last Drive" video

Making of "In The City"



02-20-2010, 04:15 PM
Rosemead? lol i live a few minutes away from there.