View Full Version : Thåström -- Lund, Sweden -- February 10th, 2010

02-17-2010, 12:00 PM
Alright, something truly swedish now. Thåström is one of the best selling artists of all time in Sweden and is on tour right now around scandinavia.

He started out in the late 70´s as a singer in punk band Ebba Grön, they became huge in sweden but then disbanded to form rockband Imperiet which became an even greater success than Ebba Grön. They lasted only for a couple of years before Thåström went on forming an Industrial Band called "Peace, Love and Pitbulls".

The last ten years Thåström has been active as a solo artist releasing heavy rock albums and the latest album "Kärlek är för dom" is a very slow with roots in Industrial Music, reminds slighly of Nine Inch Nails

The show in Lund was very intense with a jam-packed club (only club-show of the tour). Very very heavy with focus mostly on the latest albums. He played however three Imperiet-songs in heavily modified versions.

The setlist was as follows:

Tillbaka till Trehörnsgatan
Miss Huddinge -72
Ingen sjunger blues som JLP
Alla vill till himlen
Kärlek är för dom
Släpp aldrig in dom
Indiansommar (cover)
Keops pyramid (cover)
Främling överallt
Aldrig nånsin komma ner
Alex Landquist park
Rock´n´roll e död (Imperiet song)
Kort Biografi med litet testamente
Ungefär så här
...som eld (Imperiet song)
Bara när jag blundar
Du ska va president (Imperiet song)

Here are som youtube-clips. Would actually be quite intresting to hear what people on ths board thinks about the songs.