View Full Version : E.Town Concrete -- Sayreville, NJ -- February 13th, 2010

02-14-2010, 12:11 AM
What an awesome show it was, I had such a great time. Okay so doors were at 7, so I figured the first band would go on at 7:30, so I left my house around 6:35 just in case. The always pleasant 30 minute ride to starland, got there around 7:10, because I have a great perception of time... interesting. My friends girlfriend dropped him and I off because shes awesome. Anyway, we waited outside in the freezing cold about 10ish minutes before finally getting inside.

Walked around inside a little bit to get some warmth back before the first band went on.

The opening band was a sort of local hardcore band named Razorblade Handgrenade. They were okay, I've seen them once before but I thought they were better at a little club and not at starland. They had a 20 minute set but managed to squeeze in around 8 or 9 songs. 5/10
Living Life (the only song I knew, they opened with it)

Next up was the first band I really wanted to see, another hardcore band named The Mongoloids. They tore it up, I missed them when they played at Bamboozle and then I missed them again on the 10 bands for $10 tour but I'm so glad I finally got to see them. It seems like they played only 15 minutes but it might have been longer and they left out Mongo Stomp which is my favorite song by them. Set is in order but may be missing like 1 song. 8.5/10
Troubled Waters
New Beginnings (new song)
True Colors
Faithful Disguise
Fading Away

The band that played after them was Reign Supreme, they were supposed to play before the Mongoloids but the singer got to the venue about 5 minutes before they actually played so Mongoloids got pushed to go on before them. Reign Supreme was actually really good, they sounded like old Hatebreed and they really got the place going. They played roughly 20 minutes. Set list is incomplete and out of order. 8.5/10
And Come What May
Slipping Away
Still Unbroken
I Stand Defiant (definitely closed)

After that my friend and I took a cigarette break and went to the smoking area outside for about 15 minutes to cool off and conserve energy. I was not looking forward to what came next. The next "band" to hit the stage was Ill Bill, now I heard that he was a rapper like Necro but oh man he was really bad. I mean I don't like rap anyway and it just totally killed my vibe for the 25ish minutes he was on stage. I wasn't feeling Ill Bill at all. 1/10

After that ordeal was the band I pretty much came to see, The Acacia Strain. They were the best band of the night, imo. Stage presence was awesome, they played every song I wanted to hear and they absolutely stole the show. They played about 35 minutes. Setlist is complete and in order. 9.5/10
1. Whoa, Shut It Down
2. See You Next Tuesday
3. Dr. Doom
4. Angry Mob Justice
5. Balboa Towers
6. Carbomb
7. 4x4
8. Skynet (highlight of the entire night) :rocker::rocker:
9. JFC

Last and certainly not least, E.Town Concrete. I'll admit for a long time I didn't like them at all but after finally seeing them live they're actually not that bad. They had great stage presence, they had catchy hardcore songs and they had the crowd moving the whole time. Left starland at 12 and they started at 11:05 so they probably played another half hour after we left. Set is missing a few songs because we left before they ended. 7.5/10
Fuck The World
Mandibles or maybe Battlelines (not 100% sure on this one)
Punch The Wall
Time To Shine
More Then Incredible
Wide Awake
What Can I Say?
Shaydee (played this at some point but I don't remember when)
Guaranteed (left after this song)

Overall it was a really good show. I can't wait to see Acacia Strain again. The Mongoloids are playing around here again in the beginning of April so I definitely wanna go to that show. Next time E.Town does another re-union show I will most likely be there, so probably next year at starland. Now it's time to get some sleep